Dekhat Chabili Ju (Lyrics with Translation) – Shri Hit Dhruv Ji Maharaj

Dekhat Chhabili Ju Ki Chhabi Chhake Chhabi-Nidhi

Aisi Chhabi Dekhi Ali Drg Nahi Tariyai

Krishna, who is the treasure of All-Beauty, All-Attractiveness is captivated upon a glimpse of our Swamini Ji Shri Radha and is immersed in seeing Swamini Ji without even blinking His eyes.

Alabeli Chitavani Hansani Lalan Par

Manau Sukh Punj Rang Ke Pravah Dhariyai

The loving and caressing way how our Swamini Ji is looking at Her beloved Krishna appears as if She is showering bliss and happiness upon Him!

Chhin-Chhin Nai-Nai Chhavi Ki Tarang Chhata

Bivas Karat Pran Kaise Kai Sanbhariyai

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Krishna is continuously getting encapsulated by the ever-new, ever-fresh wave of glimpses of Swamini Ji's transcendental beauty. Shri Hit Dhruv Maharaj Ji says that how can Krishna compose Himself when the beauty of Radharani has completely bowled and captured His breath itself?

Hit Dhruv Pyari Ju Ke Charan Chinhani Par

Koti-Koti Rati Duti Mohani Si Variyai

Shri Hit Dhruv Maharaj Ji says that the Footprints of our Swamini Ji are such that one can excitingly and immediately leave the unlimited charming beauty of Rati (Kamadeva's consort) and Mohani (Goddess of Beauty) at once.

This pada (couplet) 'Dekhat Chabili Ju ki Chabi Chake Chabi Nidhi' is penned by Vrindavan Rasika Saint Shri Hit Dhruv Ji Maharaj in his rasamayi, famous Bayalis Lila composition glorifying the pastimes of our Divine Couple Shri Radha and Shri Krishna.

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