How to deal with vrajvasis, priests at different places and temples, different types of devotees living in Vrindavan?

It’s been a few weeks that I was inspired by Guru Tattva and Vrindavan Dham to post this article. A word of note that before reading this article, do first read the article “How to greet various types of devotees?” So, when a sadhaka (seeker) takes to devotional life, they regard vrajvasis as appreciable.  Internally, […]

How the chaos, traffic, reels, social media story and commercial age is impacting Vrindavan, and how sincere seekers should bypass this external aspect?

Post Covid lockdown in 2021, Vrindavan underwent serious change externally and has become extremely populated, and is hustling with commercial establishments and huge rush and traffic. The earlier Vrindavan was more of silent and simple, and it goes without a saying that I miss the simplicity of external Vrindavan as compared to now! In the […]

Few lessons and experiences of 5 years of being mercifully allowed to stay in Vrindavan & some tips to live a simple, content, happy devotional as well as general life

Hare Krishna This post might be emotional flow of words but will help sincere readers to have a first person glimpse of life in Vrindavan. It’s only and only by causeless mercy of Srila Prabhupada, Aindra Prabhu, entire Guru Shishya Parampara, Gaur Nitai, Yugal, and all vrajvasis that I have been mercifully allowed to stay […]

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