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The Nectar of Instruction (Updesamrta) is a collection of 11 verses composed by Srila Rupa Goswami Prabhupada and translated with inner meaning by Srila Prabhupada. This 100 odd page book has A-Z of spiritual life from the very inception to the advanced stage of Krishna Consciousness or Krishna Prema. It is one of the foundational books that anybody should read to have the right approach in path of Prema-Bhakti


Srila Rupa Goswami wrote Updesamrta or The Nectar of Instruction at Ter Kadamba. He was instructed by Mahaprabhu to reside in Vrindavan and reveal to the world the confidential places and inner Divine Lilas of Sri Radhika Kishori and Krishna.

In Vrindavan, he mostly stayed at Ter Kadamba to pen his literary work as instructed by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Srila Rupa Goswami is also considered as the chief literary disciple of Mahaprabhu.

The copy of manuscript of The Nectar of Instruction is still at Ter Kadamba and you can ask the pujari here to show it to you if you get an opportunity to visit there (Read How to deal with Vrajvasis and preists at various temples in Vraj).

Book Review

The book has 11 very powerful verses aimed to direct a devotee from very basic dealings with the outer world to cultivating vaidhi bhakti, and then moving to raganuga bhakti by taking shelter of Radha Kund and meditating on asta-kaliya lila of Lordships.

It is written in a very simple English language which can be understood by anybody but the last 5 verses are really difficult to decode in terms of internal meaning, which is about prema and raganuga-bhakti. As one advance in bhakti by sincerely taking up the chanting of holy names, the inner meaning of last verse which is of taking shelter of Radha Kund manifests in the heart.


  • The first text talks about controlling and tolerating the desire of senses, from speech, mind, anger, tongue, stomach and genitals to be fit enough to make disciples.
  • The second to fourth text is very important for new seekers on the path of Krishna Consciousness. It talks about vyavahar (dealings) with devotees and people who are not on the path of bhakti yet.
  • The fifth and sixth text speaks about actual pure Rasika devotees and offering respects and obeisances to them, and associate with them to advance spiritually.
  • The sixth to eighth text mention about chanting the holy names in the form of Hare Krishna Mahamantra and remembering Krishna at all times.
  • From ninth to eleventh text, Srila Rupa Goswami writes about the exalted position of Vrindavan Bhumi and Sri Radha Kund. He tells that Srimati Radharani is most treasured for all vrajavasis and Krishna Himself, and one should take shelter of Lotus Feet fully. He also adds that Sri Radha Kund is not attained by great devotees, what to speak of ordinary devotees.

Revealed Inner Secrets

Srila Rupa Goswami stresses that the highest point of bhajan is to take shelter of Prema-Kund (lake of love) of Srimati Radharani - Sri Radha Kund. He also gives a hint that one who does bhajan (or takes full shelter and remembrance) on banks of Radha Kund in whatever mood and bhav obtains a similar spiritual identity (which is his original constitution position) in nitya-Goloka-Vrindavan. This statement is very simple to read but requires a lot of guru kripa and mercy of Rasika Vaishnavas to get to the core of it, and the meaning of it slowly manifests into real form as the sadhaka (devotee) sincerely chants and cries for Sri Radha. The easiest way to understand this in true confidential terms is to take shelter of Sri Radha Kund by chanting nama japa intensely with full sincerity and humility, and listening and attending shudh harinam kirtan by Rasika Vaishnavas.

PDF Download

Download The Nectar of Instruction (1976 Original Edition) PDF - English

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