Meerabai Mandir, Vrindavan

Meerabai Temple is located near the narrow street adjacent to Shah Ji Temple.

It's nearby Nidhivan in a secluded street and has a very powerful aura and devotional vibe.

After Mirabai had left her palatial comforts of Chittorgarh, she was there in Vrindavan for some time.

The shaligram shila that was worshipped by Meerabai is still here at this temple.

The temple is being taken care of by the descendants of the same family that had hosted Meerabai way back in the 15th century.

Rasika-Shiromani Meerabai is a Sadharan Sakhi in Nitya-Goloka Vrindavan and who's everything is Krishna, as stated in her own words "mere to giridhar gopal, dusro na koi" which means "Nobody is mine except Giridhar Gopal Sri Krishna."

When you remember any exalted devotee, you get 6% of their devotion just by remembering them.

Hence, listening to the life of Vaishnav devotees is purifying and helps in advancing spiritually really fast.

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Meerabai Mandir, Vrindavan

The temple courtyard at Meerabai Mandir
The temple courtyard at Meerabai Mandir in Vrindavan

Deity Radha, Krishna, Meerabai, Shaligram Shila
Worshipped by Meerabai
Location Vrindavan
District Mathura
State Uttar Pradesh
Country India
Darshan Timings Summer: 5 AM - 1 PM
Winter: 4 PM - 8.45 PM

Darsan Timing

  • Morning: 5 AM - 1 PM
  • Evening: 4 PM - 8.45 PM

How to reach Meerabai Mandir?

The best way to reach Meerabai Mandir is to reach Nidhivan, and when you are at Nidhivan gate, just simply ask any shop keeper there for direction to Meerabai Mandir. It is just 2 minutes walk via a narrow street there. You can also use Google Maps but be careful of the monkeys who can snatch your phone within a blink of a moment. Check the Safety Tips below.

Safety Tips in Vrindavan

Check Safety Tips to follow in Vrindavan.

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