How the chaos, traffic, reels, social media story and commercial age is impacting Vrindavan, and how sincere seekers should bypass this external aspect?

Post Covid lockdown in 2021, Vrindavan underwent serious change externally and has become extremely populated, and is hustling with commercial establishments and huge rush and traffic. The earlier Vrindavan was more of silent and simple, and it goes without a saying that I miss the simplicity of external Vrindavan as compared to now!

In the recent times, there has been thousands of YouTube channels and Instagram pages promoting reels and videos with a devotional background music and it all looks wow on the phone screens. But the unfortunate part is that the siddhanta (philosophy) of Vraj Prema Bhakti is rarely seen. There is no emphasis on four regulative principles, or focus on chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra. It may sound blunt but this is not meant for sincere seekers and is just entertainment, and not devotion.

In name of devotional preaching, it has more become an individual hero-centric theme. The epicentre is not on Guru Tattva, Divine Couple or Gaur Nitai but on the admins or people behind it.

Also, a lot of people from New Delhi and surrounding areas of Vraj visit here more as tourist place and use car honks like crazy, drive like drunkards and throw garbage and plastic all around Vrindavan. It really hurts! The cars need to be strictly banned inside Vrindavan, atleast in the morning and evening. Those entering Vrindavan need to approach here with humble attitude and not as a picnic spot. 

It’s unfortunate to say that Keshi Ghat, which used to be much cleaner a couple of years ago is full of plastic now-a-days. 

There has been huge commercial constructions, and price of everything has gone super-inflated here in the last two years. Most of real estate brokers or hotels try to literally loot the simple devotees, and talk harshly as well. It’s quite a difficult thing for simple devotees actually.

One can’t even go for a simple Vrindavan Parikrama in the morning after 7-8 AM for there is so much rush all around. 

Hence, as per what Sriji and Vrindavan Dham inspire, my suggestion to the sincere seekers would be to simply stay in shell, do their bhajan in solitude, do your allotted services for upkeep, chant 16 rounds of Hare Krishna Mahamantra, put Aindra Prabhu’s kirtan as much as possible, and visit temple mostly in morning or late evening in a humble mood with these simple prayers.

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Try staying a bit aloof from local vrajvasis as Srila Prabhupada also tells not to indulge with vrajvasis as it can complicate one’s stay in Dham. Read How to deal with vrajvasis, priests at different places and temples, different types of devotees living in Vrindavan? 

If possible, one can clean various places in Vraj with brooms, or collect plastics and throw it in dustbins. That will be a direct personal seva (service) for Radharani, Krishna and Guru Tattva. It will augment one’s devotional life 1000x!

Read “Few lessons and experiences of 5 years of being mercifully allowed to stay in Vrindavan & some tips to live a simple, content, happy devotional as well as general life” for further insight into the subject.

Also, the sincere seekers should try to dive deeper in spiritual life by trying to learn about the internal Vrindavan, of which Demystifying the Mystical Vrindavan is simply a humble attempt.

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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