Safety Tips, Instructions & Precautions for tourists in Vrindavan

These are important safety tips and instructions that any new devotee or pilgrim visiting Vrindavan must adhere to for their best interests.

  • Mobile Phones: While visiting temples here, make sure to keep a watch on your mobile phone as thousands of smartphones are stolen every day. In Vrindavan, the karmic cycle works extremely fast and it is rather a blessing as one's karma get's over and they are empowered to approach the actual purpose of life, prema-bhakti. I know it sounds funny, but due to our conditioning, it really hurts if our phone or valuables get stolen. So, just to be on the safer side, keep your mobile phone safe, though if it is destined to happen, it will anyway happen.
  • Monkeys: Don't tease the monkeys or give them eatables. Also, be careful of carrying any carry bags with foodstuffs as the monkeys in Vraj Bhumi can easily sense it by smell, and then on nobody except vrajavasis can stop them from snatching it. The monkeys can get aggressive if needed. Also, do not wear glasses near old Vrindavan or Loi Bazar as they will jump and take away the glasses, only to return it when you give them Mango Frooti.
  • Eve Teasers: Female devotees are especially advised to not be aloof in secluded lanes. There are few eve-teasers who tend to disturb or approach female devotees and pilgrims with negative intent. Don't travel alone post 9 PM and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Temples donations at random places: Do not look or speak much to any sadhus or temple priests here. Just offer them pranam with folded hands. Do not make eye contact, though be polite in body language and just keep on with your travelling or chanting. Nobody asks for donations at the temples which are mentioned in my One-Day Vrindavan Trip Guide and Itinerary. However, you can offer donations with the inner consciousness that this laxmi (money) is of Krishna and He is inspiring me to offer it here. The Divine Couple look more at bhav (inner love) and are pleased with flower, tulsi and a bit of water. However, as the temples offer seva for Lordships, you can donate as per your capacity and as inspired from within by the Lordships.
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  • Approaching local devotees and westerners: Don't speak to local devotees who are lost in their own world and walking aloof or taking darshans, or sitting in a corner and chanting holy names of Lord (especially at ISKCON Vrindavan). They can get really angry as it is like disturning their bhajan. Also, a lot of people get excited seeing western devotees and approach them asking for selfies and initiating a talk. Do not do this as most of them don't like it.
  • Talking non-sense, criticising vrajavasis and using foul language: Do not make the mistake of judging the local devotees, saints or anybody here. Even the monkeys, peacocks, trees have a higher position than Brahma Ji, the creator of this universe, leave apart the richest person on this bhuloka (earth). Vrajvasis are very dear to Krishna and treat Him as their very own and not as God. Krishna is bound only by the love of vrajavasis. Don't see them from outside perception. Taking birth or staying in Vrindavan is no ordinary. It requires mercy (kripa) of Srimati Radharani to be here. Do not talk anything except Krishna's pastimes while in Vraj Bhumi. Leave your outside world discussion when you are here. It will help you advance in bhakti millions of times even if you are here for just a few hours.
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  • Pollution and throwing garbage: Vrindavan Dham is non-different from Balarama Ji, the original Ananta Shesha. As devotees, one should not throw garbage, left-overs or dirty the surroundings of Vrindavan Dham. In fact, one should clean the Dham. It pleases the Lordships. Remember, anybody who comes to Vrindavan has Radharani and Krishna seeing them personally, even though they can't see the Divine Couple owing to conditioned material state. Hence, try to offer respect and please the Dham by chanting more and more. Everything then manifests from within the heart.
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