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There was a fake court case that was filed against my husband. It was a very tense environment and Aman Ji mentioned that this action is like smoke and illusion - it is not there though it is appearing so. Within next 10 days, the case was dismissed by the court!
- Payal (Writer)


Inspite of challenges, Aman Ji suggested me to go ahead with my gas agency project. Within six months, I got the gas agency approval, permit and the project was completed and is successfully operating.
- Vibhashu (Real State Developer)


Aman Ji told to not get married to this girl but owing to family pressure, I went ahead, but within 15 days of marriage, I asked for separation as couldn’t handle the trauma. She was trying to frame me when I reached back to Aman Ji again for guidance. He told me that separation would happen easily soon, and by next week, we went separate ways and I was relieved to be out of the mess.
- H.Arora (Bakery Expert)


Aman Ji mentioned that all resources would be made available for my spiritual and career growth by destiny. Within 10 days of consulting him, I am literally dating the Bhagavad Gita, and have got a new job with 40% hike! My sincere thanks for support.
- Veena (Professor)


Aman Ji asked me to specifically prepare for UPSC and told that I may turn out to be an intelligence official in future. I was shocked as I has been preparing for it secretly as wanted to be a RAW official and a spy since childhood. I am actively preparing for next year UPSC with full effort.
- S.Yadav (UPSC Aspirant)


My father was looking for a prospective groom for myself. The boy is a doctor and my first impression was good but there were few doubts in my mind.
I reached out to Aman Ji for Kundli Matching. He said that we are not mentally compatible and time would reveal it, maybe a month.
The very next day, the boy mentioned a point that was totally not in sync with my long term view that he had kept hidden in our first conversation. I politely cancelled the proposal. It saved me a lot of time.
- Dr. Nidhi (MBBS, MD, Gyanecoloist)


🌌 A Little About Me 🌌

I am Aman Kashyap. Professionally, I am an investor, trader, writer, filmmaker, astrologer and internet entrepreneur residing in Vrindavan for the past six years. I am a chemical engineering graduate from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.

I like to genuinely help sincere and genuine people with my deep astrological knowledge that I have been researching since 2016 with the blessings of my teachers.

Over the years, I have helped many with astrological guidance and have formed a lifetime, warm and personal friendship with them.

I also run this free platform where I write learnings on Vrindavan Prema Bhakti, as taught mercifully by bonafide Acharyas. Over the last 4 years, the 250+ important articles on this website have been read by 6+ million sincere readers throughout the world.

✨Here's how it works!✨

Just for the time & energy invested, I charge ₹3000 for complete chart reading covering all areas of your life - career, job, wealth, property, health, marriage, family etc, as well as any query that you may have.

The intent is to genuinely help sincere and genuine people with astrological guidance directed towards holistic spiritual and overall life.

I like to read horoscopes in intricate detail & the proper session would be at length covering all aspects of your life.

My focus is to simplify it in a relatable & friendly manner with a young, fresh and modern take that will be very crucial and helpful throughout your life.

Looking forward to connect with you, demystify your chart and add value to your life. Wishing you a fulfilling and holistic journey ahead! 💫

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WhatsApp: +91 7004 963 467


    1. Q. When would the reading take place?
      A. Over a phone call. You will receive a Call / WhatsApp Message within 5-10 minutes of your payment to select a time.
    2. Q. Who takes the reading?
      A. I, Aman, personally take the readings myself in intricate detail. Read more about me above.
    3. Q. What can you expect in the reading?
      A. I try my best to help with sincere direction and guidance as per your chart reading, apart from my humble suggestions and insights for a holistic life. Read Case Studies of How I Take Readings and Predict.
    4. What is the fee for the reading?
      A. Just for my time invested, I charge a modest ₹2000 to help many people going through problems with genuine guidance. All funds go into the upkeep of this website
    5. Q. How do I book a reading if I am from Out-of-India?
      A. Kindly WhatsApp or Email.

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