Learn Prashna (Question), Nimitta, and Omen Vedic Astrological Science!💫

A comprehensive, summarised and systematic step-by-step study of how to answer and predict any question regarding crucial phases of life for a higher purpose using Prashna (Question), Nimitta, and Omen Vedic Astrology!

🎊 Course Highlights 🎊

  • A complete course on Prashna Astrology!
  • 1+ hour of to-the-point pre-recorded video lessons
  • Lifetime Access
  • Available in English language
  • Personal Q&A (Community) answered with empathy and warmth
  • Affordable for all and just a slight charge for content, platform and outreach
  • Check the detailed table of content of the entire course here. (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for those who genuinely want to learn to PREDICT accurately).

✨ Course Benefits (IMP)

  • Prashna in English means questions! So Prashna Astrology means answering any genuinely important question instantly via the lens of Vedic Astrology!
  • This special, yet misunderstood and hidden science, should be used only for a higher purpose rather than cheaply.
  • If you wish to learn this special science to add a major data point in your decision-making skills, this science complimenting with the knowledge of Predictive Astrology is very potent in sharp predictions.
  • I usually suggest one to go through the Predictive Astrology Course first for sharper and more precise predictions.

Prashna Astrology Course Overview - What can you expect to learn?

🌌 Course Creator 🌌

Aman Kashyap | Vraj Vrindavan

I am Aman Kashyap. Professionally, I am an investor, trader, writer, filmmaker, astrologer and internet entrepreneur residing in Vrindavan for the past six years.

I am a chemical engineering graduate from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.

I also run this free platform vrajvrindavan.com where I write learnings on Vrindavan Prema Bhakti, as taught mercifully by bonafide Acharyas.

Over the last 4 years, the 250+ important articles on this website have been read by 6+ million sincere readers throughout the world.

✨ Reviews ✨

My neice was down suddenly with a life threatening lung infection and was in ICU in critical condition for 3 days when I reached out to Aman Sir by matter of fate. He was warm enough to immediately get back without taking any fees or anything, and saw the Prashna chart and told such precise nature and traits of baby and that she would be fine soon, though he asked to take care of her till she turns adolescent. She got discharged within a week by Krishna's grace. So thankful. 🙏
- Anonymous (Doctor)


There was a false case filed against my husband and it was such a panicky situation with police and entire state bureaucracy & officials behind us. Aman Sir mentioned that it is all fake and nothing would happen by looking at me and my husband's chart along with Prashna reading. Within 10 days, the case was dismissed by the court!
- Payal (Writer)


Course Fee

Course Fee Price
Prashna Astrology ₹990
Predictive Astrology Course ₹990
Financial Astrology Course ₹990
All three! (offer only till today 12 AM) 2970 2000


  1. Q. How will I access video lessons?
    A. The login details of your course panel (with pre-recorded videos) will be mailed right away after payment.
  2. Q. What is the validity & language of the course?
    A. You can access the course for lifetime! It's in English language.
  3. Q. Who should go through this course?
    A. I usually suggest going through Predictive Astrology course first to understand this science better.
  4. Q. Why this course?
    A. Simplified & relatable as per today's time. No jargons but presented in an easy & simple way.
  5. Q. Do you also teach Financial Astrology?
    A. Kindly check here.
  6. Q. Can I see the course on mobile?
    A. Yes, you can log in on your phone, laptop, computer or tab as well.
  7. Q. Do you also provide astrological consultation?
    A. Kindly check here (~6-9 days waiting. If not urgent & imp, do join this course instead to learn to predict yourself).
  8. Q. Why this course is priced so affordable?
    A. So that genuine seekers can benefit. It's a humble attempt to spread the right knowledge ethically.

For any other Query / Support, kindly Whatsapp at +91 7004 963 467 or Email at contact@vrajvrindavan.com.

This course is a humble attempt to spread the right knowledge about Prashna Astrology. By the end of this course, you will be able to make concrete decisions about your questions regarding crucial phases of life, if it is for a higher purpose.

It is an indicative science, and one should be mature enough to use it as a data point.

I invite all sincere and genuine seekers to join in this amazing journey. Wishing you a fulfilling and holistic journey ahead! 💫

Aman Kashyap (Vraj Vrindavan)

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!
Hare Krishna!

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