Mathura to Vrindavan (How to Reach)

For Indian tourists coming via rail or road, you can take a train up to Mathura and as soon as you step outside the Railway Station, on-board any shared auto or hire a small auto to Vrindavan.

It is just a 20-minute drive (around 20 KM) from the railway station to Vrindavan.

The small auto will charge 150-200 rupees and drop you at any place you desire. The shared auto will charge 30 rupees and will drop you at Banke Bihari More, or you can choose to get down at Attala Chungi.

From Atalla Chungi, take any e-rickshaw till ISKCON or any place or hotel you intend to go.

The e-rickshaw charges 10-20 rupees per person from Atalla Chungi to ISKCON. Do not pay much to e-rickshaw if they demand any random XYZ amount while travelling in Vrindavan.

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