How to understand Vrindavan without reading any scriptures or doing anything spiritual?

Even the greatest gyanis, tapasvis, yogis and intellectuals are not allowed in Vrindavan. Till date, Laxmi Ji is meditating outside Vrindavan in a hope to be granted entry in Sri Vrindavan Dham.

It is mentioned in Samudra Shastra that one who does bhajan for 1000 lifetimes gets a chance to step in Vrindavan.

If you are really curious to know how Vrindavan attracts you, feel free to go through Vrindavan Mahamrita by Srila Prabhonanada Sarawati Thakur Prabhupada.

And now coming to point on how to understand the esoteric love and inner confidential secrets of Vrindavan Prema Rasa without reading any scriptures or doing anything spiritual - it's just a single but confidential, yet simple secret that I have heard from Rasika Vaishnavas (if somebody is really willing to do it if inspired from within):

Just stay in Vrindavan!

Take vrajvas or residence in Vrindavan! That's it.

This will unlock every single key and most confidential secrets to nitya-lilas of Divine Couple to anybody. It requires a lot of conviction and mercy of Rasika Vaishnavas and Vrindavan Dham to believe this secret to be true.

If you really want to crack the repeated cycle of birth and death, don't think anything. Just take up residence here. 

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Do not chant. Do not do any spiritual activities. Just sit, eat and do whatever work here. Though, it's a different matter that Vrindavan Dham will inspire you to take it all from within. I have literally seen my mom, my cousins and many friends arranging for japa-beads and taking up to chanting just by hardly staying like 2-3 days in Vrindavan!

There's just one thing you need to take care, and that is to not make any offences to anybody (including saints, devotees, monkeys, parrots, or any vrajvasis) here and everything will manifest in your heart. This is the power of Vrindavan Dham. Nobody is allowed entry here without the causeless mercy of Rasika Vaishnavas, Vrindavan Dham and our Queen Sri Radhika Kishori Herself.

The air here has love of Sri Radhika and Vrajendra Nandana Shyam. The ambience, Radha Radha paintings, trees, monkeys and vrajavasis will remind you of Sri Radhika and Vrajendra Nandan Shyam. Everything here is just meant to bring you closer to your eternal individual relationship with Divine Couple.

Just have that implicit faith on Vrindavan and come here. Though it requires a lot of kripa of vrajavasis to have a conviction on this simple statement, Vrindavan Mahimamrta straight away tells to reject even the orders of the guru if he tells you to go out of Vrindavan. Though you just can't read this from outside but rather this has to be understood internally. The meaning is that if the disciple is eligible, the guru himself will instruct the disciple to never go out of Vrindavan. And doesn't matter if the guru is eligible or not eligible, but if the disciple has a strong inner calling and is sincere, then he can reject this order of his guru and he won't get any guru aparadha. Whatever the case, the disciple can take up vrajvas (residence in Vrindavan) anyhow by just depending on Sri Radha and Vrindavan Dham for everything. This will transform his entire destiny no matter whatever his past and all the way would lead him to vraja-prema-bhakti. All offences and aparad becomes nil when in deep humility and helplessness, the devotee develops apnapan (own feeling) with Divine Couple. It is all but erased by the merciful Vrindavan Dham.

Basically, anything for Vrindavan. The very fact of acceptance that Vrindavan is mine, Srimati Radharani is mine and I am Radharani's is enough to achieve prema, which will manifest with due course of time after the various stages of bhakti (bhajan kriya, anartha nivrititi, asakti, ruchi and so on).

Just take up residence here and Vrindavan will colour you itself in the prema rasa without endeavour on your part. The vani (lectures and teachings) of Rasika Vaishnavas and hundreds of devotees residing here, and who would be residing here in the future as well are praman (proof) to this statement.

This is a confidential secret for few. For those who are using your brains to read this or are just as surprised to listen to this single secret, do check out this list of books and gradually take up to spirituality. The reference is Vrindavan Mahimamrta and Rasika Vaishnavas of Vrindavan.

Frankly, those in the mood of vrajvasis and who are kripa patra (object of mercy) of Rasika Vaishnavas don't really need shastric (scriptural) references. The important thing is, to be honest, and ask yourself internally about this. If you ask yourself about shifting to Vrindavan, then take the path of vaidhi bhakti directed to raga, though don't just limit yourself to vaidhi bhakti for life. Have that desire and greed to achieve prema bhakti. Vaidhi bhakti is not the prayojana (aim) of Srila Prabhupada or Rasika Vaishnavas. They want you to take to raganuga (spontaneous) devotion. That is what Gaudiya Vaishnavism is meant to give - the highest prayojana of serving Shyama Shyam in the mood of vrajavasis. And if there's no question and Lord has given you kripa to depend fully on Vrindavan Dham, why are reading this, just start your journey to Sri Vrindavan very soon asap.

Rasika Vaishnava and Vedic scriptures clearly say out loud that even a rickshaw puller in Vrindavan is higher than the position of Brahma. Uddhav Ji who is brahama sakhsat (fully realised) wants to take birth as a humble grass in Vrindavan to have the dust of feet of Gopis. Vrindavan Prema Rasa is something far more hidden and confidential than being fully realised and can only be achieved by taking complete shelter of Vrindavan Dham. Uddhav Ji is the cousin of Krishna and accompanies him everywhere but what he learnt from the gopis is something which is to be meditated upon. He came to teach gopis about realisation and truth but rather took the lesson of prema and wanted to become a grass in Vrindavan so as to be stepped upon by Gopis and becoming their kripa patra (object of mercy). Read Uddhav Gopi Sanvad here.

Prabhodananda Saraswati Thakur writes in Vrindavan Mahimamrta that he wants to take form as worm here rather than being outside from Vraj. It's interesting to note that Prabhodananda Saraswati Thakur is Tungvidya Sakhi, one of asta-sakhis and known for her descriptions that make even Radharani blush and smile in shyness in the Goloka Lila passtimes, as described in Govinda Lilamrta. She is no ordinary and is fully nitya-siddha. When she (he) states this in a humble mood, the sincere seekers will get the significance of what Sri Vrindavan Dham is!!

The glories of Vrindavan can't be described by top exalted saints, leave apart me and you. It is felt and the easiest way to feel is to step here and experience it yourself. Loudly, greedily, and desperately chant the names of Lord Hare Krishna Hare Krishna | Krishna Krishna Hare Hare | Hare Rama Hare Rama | Rama Rama Hare Hare and Vrindavan will manifest in your heart. Nama or holy names gives the access to rupa, guna, lila and dham of Lord, which is non-different from Krishna Himself.

It raining bliss here!

Vrindavan awaits you.

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

P.S. I write for my own bhajan (and remembrance of Vrindavan and Divine Couple) as inspired by Vrindavan Dham and listening to vani of Srila Prabhupada, Sripad Aindra Prabhu and Rasika Vaishnavs of Vrindavan. No way is the content on this site meant for anybody else other than me (as stated in About Section) hence use your inner calling to analyse the text and how Sriji inspires you internally. 

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