Best one-day travel guide for memorable Vrindavan Trip

  • Try reaching Vrindavan by 8 AM.
  • Visit ISKCON Vrindavan first. By 8.15 AM, come out and board an e-rickshaw for Madan Mohan Mandir. Rickshaw wala will charge 10 rupees per passenger or 40-60 rupees for all. By 8.50 AM, climb down from the hill-top temple after taking darshan of Madan Mohan Ji.
  • Note: You can entirely book the e-rickshaw for Vrindavan darshan. They will charge around 200-300 rupees or you can prefer to walk and take e-rickshaws when needed. The entire Vrindavan is full of e-rickshaws at every corner so commuting here is not an issue.
  • Walk to Banke Bihari Mandir from Madan Mohan Mandir Ji. Just takes about 5 minutes. By 9.15 AM, come out of Banke Bihari Mandir.
  • Walk to Radha Vallabha Mandir (4-5 minutes walk). Take darshan and exit by 9.35 AM.
  • Take an e-rickshaw and go to Radha Damodar Mandir. Visit Srila Prabhupada Room there and take 4 parikramas of Damodar Ji Mandir. There would be a lot of devotees doing this. Just follow them. Come out by 10.20 AM.
  • Walk to visit Radha Shyamsundar (Just 2-minute walk). Take darshan and come out by 10.30 AM.
  • Walk to Meerabai Mandir. It will take 5-10 minutes to walk here. Use Google Maps or ask any local on how to reach here. Come out from Meerabai Mandir by 10.55 AM.
  • Pass by Shah Ji Mandir. Take pictures from outside if it intrigues you. It looks like a palace though nothing special history about here. It was built by a king from Lucknow.
  • Quickly go to Nidhivan. It's just right there. Come out by 11.20 AM.
  • Walk till Radha Ramana. Just takes about 5 minutes. Take darshan and come out by 11.45 AM.
  • Walk to Radha Gokulananda and take darshan quickly. Come out by 11.55 AM.
  • Take e-rickshaw to Radha Gopinath or you can choose to walk. Hardly 5-10 minutes walk. Come out by 12.20 AM.
  • Visit Gopeshwar Mahadev by taking an e-rickshaw. Take darshan quickly by 12.35 AM and board an e-rickshaw for Radha Govind Dev Ji Mandir.
  • Take darshan quickly at Radha Govind Dev Ji as mandir closes at 1 AM.

Vraj Vrindavan Experience Tours

  • Now, you have ample of time with you. If you feel hungry, take prasad (food) there at any good restaurant. You can check good restaurants in Vrindavan above to explore more options. If you feel like having a complete meal, come to Agrasen for a thali. The e-rickshaw wala will charge 50-80 bucks for dropping you till Agrasen from Radha Govind Dev Ji Mandir.
  • After having prasad, you can walk to ISKCON Mandir and sit in kirtan for some time. Enter from the side gate. The guard will tell you that the darshan is closed but insist him that you regularly come here and want to go and sit in kirtan. Come out at 4 or 5 PM after sitting in kirtan for a healthy amount of time. There are many first-timers who sit in kirtan for hours owing to the beautiful experience.
  • Once you come out around 5 PM, go to Keshi Ghat and take a Yamuna Boat Ride. Sit there for some time if you want. Attend Yamuna Arti at 6 PM.
  • Once you plan to leave, visit Prem Mandir if you want because you might have heard about it in the media every now and then. There is a good evening light decoration there. It will take you about 15-20 minutes to reach there from Keshi Ghat.
  • If you desire to have some chaat, golgappa and street food, you can go to Banke Bihari Lane. Then, spend some time shopping there if you want and retire for the day.

It would be better if you study all these temples prior so that you can connect with it all and appreciate it better. This is a simple 1-day travel itinerary for absolute first-timers to Vrindavan. Vary and alter your plan as per requirements and individual mood. If you feel attached and connected to any place or mandir, sit there for a long time. The meditation on Srimati Radharani and Krishna is more important than rushing to every other place. It's not a competition to visit the maximum number of mandirs. It's all about remembering the sweet Divine Couple.

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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