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The book The Heart of Transcendental Book Distribution by Sripad Aindra Prabhu happens to be a spotless guide for sincere devotees who are desperate seekers of vraja-prema-bhakti and looking for realising the topmost perfectional state that a soul is yearning since thousands of lifetimes.

This review might help few sincere devotees who aspire to achieve Vrindavan Prema Rasa and realise their individual relationship with Lordships for felicitation of nitya-seva to Divine Couple in unalloyed form. The few confidential snippets in the review below might impel seekers to actually read the book which will help them enhance their lobha (greed) and acute lalsa (desire) for prema-bhakti and raganuga-bhajan.

Though I feel really unqualified and unworthy, as inspired by Sri Vrindavan Dham repeatedly, I couldn't resist myself to forcefully being pushed from within to write few internal confidential pastimes in the review below. Hence it would be a humble request to the users to read this further as inspired from paramatma within the heart and only if you are aware of 5 rasas (shant, dashya, sakhya, vatsalya, kanta), and have read Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam or are there in Hare Krishna Movement for few years and love Vrindavan very very much.

As stated by Aindra Prabhu in his lectures, this is a subject that not everybody has adhikar (eligibility) for and is only revealed by kripa of Rasika Vaishnava, Guru, Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu and Vrindavan Dham. Hence, it is better to chant with sincerity and let nama direct you the path at the right time. I leave it at your own discretion and how paramatma inspires you to read it further. As mentioned in the About section of this site, I am no authority and write just for my personal mediation impromptu as inspired from Vrindavan Dham and by remembering Srila Prabhupada and guru shishya parampara, hence it is up to the reader's antarswar (inner conscience) to interpret it on how to advance spiritually. The better idea would be to chant and read Prabhupada's and Aindra Prabhu's book instead of reading this, as anyway, what's really important is inching closer to Vrindavan Prema Rasa.

The Heart of Transcendental Book Distribution (by Aindra Prabhu) Review


Sripad Aindra Prabhu begins with the significance of book distribution and it's importance in the context of the people who have received Prabhupada Books through book distribution actually reading those books and eventually developing the lobha (greed) and lalsa (desire) for vraja prema bhakti (which is eventually the aim of Srila Prabhupada) and not just a study from philosophical perspective to show off the knowledge by mixing it with other interpretations.

He then talks about the rich and complete parampara we Gaudiya Vaishnavas are a part of and how Chaitanya Mahaprabhu gives everything to us (in spite of our fallen condition) in the holy names Hare Krishna Hare Krishna | Krishna Krishna Hare Hare | Hare Rama Hare Rama | Rama Rama Hare Hare.

Further, he explains the exalted position of Jahnava Maiya (Ananga Manjari) and how she is the second Radharani, and how to surrender to Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu via Jahnava Maiya in order to achieve vraja-prema.

In the entire book, he regularly talks about soul's individual relationship with the Supreme Lord or vraja swarup, a siddha deha or spiritual body in 5 rasas for felicitation of expression of love with Sri Radha and Vrajendera Nandan Shyam Sri Krishna.

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Aindra Prabhu also reveals how Srila Prabhupada inspired him to write this book and how there was a need to discuss the inner confidential aspects of prema-bhakti to the people with adhikar who should not be just limited by vaidhi bhakti injunctions so as to advance spiritually and go back to home, back to godhead in this very one lifetime. He also mentions about the difference between raganuga and vaidhi bhakti and explains that the bhajan done with the intention to achieve vraja-prema-bhakti is not vaidhi bhakti at all!

Revealed Confidential Secrets

He gives a slight idea of his vraja-swarup, how he in his original spiritual body as a maid-servant of Divine Couple is born in Barsana and has a kunj near Lalita Sakhi Kund (which he used to visit often during his last few years before taking samadhi). He speaks on the intimate pastimes with Krishna, and how he dresses Radharani, participation in rasa dance after being encouraged by Lalita Sakhi and Ananga Manjari (All in his vraja-swarup). His nitya seva is playing on swara madalika vina (a physical representation of this vina is also there in his room at ISKCON Vrindavan).

He also writes about how Rupa Manjari gives him the seva of guarding Radharani's Kunj along with other sakhis and how he fights with Krishna when he comes after rendezvous with Chandravali.

Book Review

Aindra Prabhu has very humbly written this book Heart of Transcendental Book Distribution, which he didn't want to publish in the first place. He had thought of offering it at a grant (book) samadhi unknown to the outside world, but in a dream, Srila Prabhupada mentioned him that "We will see when to publish." He took it as a sign that Srila Prabhupada wants him to publish the manuscript and eventually after a few years, it came out in this form of a book. It is a treasure for sincere devotees in Hare Krishna Movement to get direction in achieving their topmost perfection and meditating on asta kaliya nitya lila of Divine Couple.

Anybody who is a kripa patra of Aindra Prabhu and guru shishya parampara after reading this book would be having immense lobha (desire) for achieving prema bhakti, and will humbly accept their fallen condition and surrender unto the feet of the chaitya guru within their heart, who is non-different from Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Radha and Sri Krishna.

Very few people have actually read this book and it would be great if you feel inspired to read this book. It is written in very profound use of the English language and is something which would require a dictionary and a lot of kripa, sadhna and nama-bhajan to decode the meaning internally.

As with vani of all Rasika Vaishnavas, the confidential aspects even in this book are hidden in a subtle manner exactly in the same way as in Srila Prabhupada books. You can identify a Rasika Vaishnav only when they want, and that is when they are pleased with your nama-bhajan, lobha, lalsa, helplessness and greed to achieve topmost bhakti. Pleasing them is done simply by listening to their instruction. You can read any Rasika Vaishnava from any sampradaya and the conclusive point similar in all of them will to chant the holy names of Lord. Nama is their inner treasure and they have mercifully given their all and everything for people. It's their only and only wealth.

Aindra Prabhu lived and breathed the holy names in his entire life. He surrendered and gave his life to the performance of Yuga Dharma Harinam Sankirtana. To decode the meaning in this book, be simple from heart, sit in kirtan as maximum as possible and listen to Prabhupada, Aindra Prabhu or any Rasika Vaishnavas shudh kirtan at all times which is laden with prema-rasa. Only shudh Harinam Sankirtana can bestow prema-bhakti. That manifests everything from within.

Also, the Cover Page of this book is how the real Goloka Vrindavan looks like. This painting has been drawn by Aindra Prabhu himself with the assistance of Lila Shravani Mata Ji (who is well known for many outstanding paintings on Vrindavan and nitya-lilas). Aindra Prabhu is there sitting on left of Srimati Radharani and playing his swara-mandalika-vina, which is his nitya-seva in his vraja-swarup (As mentioned earlier, this vina is also there in his room at Gurukul Building at Krishna Balaram Mandir in Vrindavan).


Aindra Prabhu strongly encourages devotees to dive in the Yuga-Dharma Harinam Sankirtana, and develop the lobha to achieve vraja-prema-bhakti and fully realise one's individual relationship (swarup) with Divine Couple. He repeatedly emphasises to chant and sit more in Hare Krishna Mahamantra Sankirtana. He used to say often that real humility is to accept that we are fallen Kali Yuga rejects, and are not qualified for any other mode of devotional practice other than chanting the holy names of Lord. This is trinad api sunechena real humility.

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