Hotels in Vrindavan

Except for Kartik (in Oct-Nov), and on weekends (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) since 2021 Covid,  you can easily get a hotel in Vrindavan throughout the year without any rush. For Kartik and on weekends usually, it’s really difficult to find hotel rooms for an overnight stay as thousands of pilgrims from across the globe visit […]

Vraj Vrindavan Experiences!

  Explore the inner, serene and unexplored Vrindavan, away from hustle and bustle! Why Vraj Vrindavan Experience Tours? In the past few years, we have had few hundred thousands of sincere readers from over the world who have gone through our entire site, relishing so many articles and our book ‘Demystifying The Mystical Vrindavan’ on […]


Govardhan is located around 21 km from Vrindavan as well as Mathura. Govardhan Hill (or Govardhan Parvat) was lifted by Krishna to protect the vrajvasis from the thunderous rains of Indra.  The village comes under the Mathura District (Uttar Pradesh State) with a part of it being in Rajasthan State as well. The Govardhan Hill […]

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