Who are Rasika Vaishnavas?

Rasika Vaishnavas are exalted saints who have achieved the stage of prema-bhakti. They have elevated themselves to the asakti (attachment to the Lotus Feet of Krishna and Radharani) stage by their own endeavour of lalsa (desire), lobha (greed) and desperation to attain topmost spiritual perfection, and then achieved the stage of complete prema-bhakti by kripa […]

The inner confidential Vrindavan mood of Panchtattva & how to use this big secret to do intense rasamayi bhajan?

The Panchtattva – Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu, Advaita Acharya, Gadhadhara Pandit and Srivas Acharya are most merciful. Mahaprabhu is the audarya (most magnanimous) avatar of Krishna who gives vraj-prema-bhakti to everybody without seeing any qualification at all! Mahaprabhu’s Harinam Sankirtan movement is for the fallen and it provides the highest prema-bhakti to the lowest conditioned jiva-tattva. […]

What is the real nature of true bhajan (devotion) & what is the benefit of following rules & regulations of Vedic Scriptures?

As per Rasika Acharyas, the true bhajan (devotion) is when one can meditate and remember Krishna without effort. To come to this spontaneous stage of devotion, it is necessary to follow rules and regulations of scriptures, chant nama-japa and follow the four regulative principles in a disciplined manner. As one advances in the spiritual life […]

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