What is the form of Radharani, how She looks like and how to meditate on Her? [Confidential]

Anybody reading this who doesn't know about nama japa should first read this to understand the content of this article better.

So, Rasika Acharyas say that until there is constant chanting of holy names in form of nama japa or nama sankirtan, it is impossible that rupa (form) of Radharani will sprout in the heart.

Rasika Acharyas clearly say that there has been no painter or sculptor, or no ink, paper or article that can describe the form of Srimati Radharani!

If one wants to know the form of Radha and Krishna, then that can be only introduced in one's heart by chanting names of Radha & Krishna. In Kali Yuga, they mercifully descend in form of Hare Krishna Mahamantra.

If one constantly chants Hare Krishna Mahamantra sincerely, the confidential form of Divine Couple sprouts in their heart from within.

Nama will direct the sincere seeker to the eternal kishori (youthful) form of Radharani that one would have never imagined! Rasika Acharyas say that it's a form that has been never seen in painting or even in imagination!

Confidential works of literature on vraj prema bhakti (intentionally not naming it though you can get an idea of all books here) say that just by having a glimpse of the form of Radharani, Krishna is sold to Sri Radha without any price! Without taking shelter of nama, how can we meditate on the form of Radharani? Sincere chanting of nama pulls the form of Radharani in seekers heart.

Hence, Rasika Acaryas has mentioned it, again and again, to focus on nama, and nama will manifest the form of Radharani in the heart.

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The moment the form of Sri Radha sprouts in heart, the condition of the seeker will change permanently! (It can't be artificial or imitated just for sake of attracting appreciation. When it happens for real, it will be very confidential). Nobody will know except for guru tattva and seeker.

Krishna Himself intensely chants names of Radha in groves of Vrindavan and hence the form of Radha never leaves from in front of Him. And similarly, our Queen Sri Radha chants names of Krishna every moment, and Krishna never leaves from in front of Her.

In Radha-Rasa-Sudha-Nidhi, Srila Prabhodananda Saraswati Thakur writes that both Radharani and Krishna chant and remember each other's name, and are absorbed in each other's form at all times. Hence a sincere seeker should focus on nama japa to remember the Divine Couple. As this remembrance gets thickened, the rupa (form), guna (qualities) and lila (passtimes) of the Divine Couple will manifest in the seeker's heart on own!

Any sincere seeker or exalted saint who have witnessed, and are playing with Sri Radha in eternal groves of Vrindavan say that nama is their only bal (strength) that gave them pratyaksh (direct) darshan of Sriji (Srimati Radharani). It is not possible to meditate on Radharani's eternal form directly. Even if one tries to meditate on any painting of Radharani, they won't be able to hold the painting for a mere few seconds, leave apart minutes if they are not chanting nama.


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  2. I write only for my own meditation on Sri Vrindavan Dham (and not for anybody else) by listening to vani (words) of Rasika Acharyas. Please check About section.

Nama Nama Nama

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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