The inner confidential Vrindavan mood of Panchtattva & how to use this big secret to do intense rasamayi bhajan?

The Panchtattva - Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu, Advaita Acharya, Gadhadhara Pandit and Srivas Acharya are most merciful.

Mahaprabhu is the audarya (most magnanimous) avatar of Krishna who gives vraj-prema-bhakti to everybody without seeing any qualification at all! Mahaprabhu's Harinam Sankirtan movement is for the fallen and it provides the highest prema-bhakti to the lowest conditioned jiva-tattva.

Majority of people know about this and the basic outline of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's movement. If you are new and not aware of Panchtattva and Mahaprabhu, read How should beginner's approach spirituality (Krishna Consciousness).

What is revealed in the further part of this article might help sincere seekers and practising devotees to align their nama-japa, nama sankirtan and devotional life in the mood of vrajvasis (who are most dear to Sri Radha and Sri Krishna), which is the core inner purpose of chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra.

Analyse it as Sriji inspires you from within. I write for nobody except my own meditation unto Sri Vrindavan Dham as heard from Vani (words) of Rasika Acharays and as inspired by Guru Tattva.

The Vrindavan Prema Rasa mood of Panchattva

  • Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is none other than Krishna in the mood of Radharani. He is that Krishna who is in the groves of Vrindavan relishing the inner confidential passtimes with Sri Radha amidst the confidential maid-servants (The secret to it is explained in the inner confidential meaning of Hare Krishna Mahamantra here).
  • Nityananda Prabhu is Ananga Manjari in groves of Vrindavan who engages others maid-servants in service of Divine Couple. Ananga Manjari is second Radharani (beautifully revealed and explained by Sripad Aindra Prabhu in his book). This is very very confidential and you can read this article to know the big secret of the inner rasa of Nityananda Prabhu. Even Srila Prabhupada used to say that until one understands the inner tattva of Nityananda Prabhu, it's very difficult to go deep in raga-bhajan or spontaneous bhakti (paraphrased this).
  • Advaita Acarya is Sada Shiva and Maha Vishnu, and in Gaur Lila, is in more of the mood of Gopeshwar Mahadev who takes part in rasa lila of Radharani and Krishna. Without his kripa (mercy), it's impossible to step into inner confidential passtimes of Vrindavan-Prema-Bhakti. He quickly guides the sincere seekers to Vrindavan. He is Bholenath or one who becomes easily pleased. There are a lot of beautiful anecdotes that we might discuss sometime later of how Lord Shiva quickly gives prema-bhajan and how he is 73% of Krishna's potency (as mentioned by exalted saints and Vedic Scriptures).
  • Gadhadhara Pandit is Radharani and Lalita Sakhi. He is most hidden in Gaur Lila and least talked about as Radharani is the most confidential secret of Krishna, and is not accessible to everybody unless who is a kripa-patra (object of mercy).
  • Srivas Acharyas is Narada Muni and Jiva Tattva. Narada Muni is none other than Guru Tattva. In more confidential terms and relating it to Vrindavan, Narada Muni as Guru tattva is actually guru-manjari in Nitya-Goloka Vrindavan. The Jiva Tattva is always with Guru Tattva as it is only by kripa (mercy) of Guru Tattva than one can approach vraj-prema-bhakti. So, Srivas Acharya is mercifully representing the jiva (in his original spiritual identity) along with their Guru-Maharaj (guru-manjari).

Vrindavan Prema Rasa mood of Haridas Thakur

Haridas Thakur's mood in Vrindavan Prema Rasa is extremely confidential.

Haridas Thakur is manifestation of Brahma Ji and Prahlada Maharaj in Gaur Lila.

So, how are they related to Vrindavan Prema Rasa? Only prominent mention of Brahma Dev in Vrindavan Lila is the brahma-vimohan lila where Krishna bewildered Brahma Dev when the later stole all the cowherd boys and cows of Vrindavan.

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The hidden aspect is that it is Brahma Dev who prayed for millions of years to see Krishna marrying Radharani and this particular passtime happens at Bhandirvan (You can read about Bhandirvan here).

So, Brahma Dev in Vrindavan Prema Rasa is actually the priest who performs the confidential marriage ceremony of Radharani and Krishna at Bhandirvan. This marriage was not performed in front of the world but was very confidentially organised by yoga-maya potency of Lord.

The BIG SECRET: Radharani is alway with jiva-tattva

In the Panchtattava, if you see, Gadhadhara Pandit and Srivas Acharya are on the left side of Mahaprabhu. If you see at any temple, Radharani is always on the left side of Krishna. This is because She is Hladini Sakti (pleasure potency) of Krishna. That's why Gadhadhara Pandit (Radharani) is on left side of Mahaprabhu (Krishna).

But why is Srivas Acharya on the left side of Gadhadhara Pandit? The answer lies in the fact that Radharani as Gadhadhara Pandit never leaves the side of jiva tattva (as Srivas Acharya)! She is always with the jiva-tattva. She mercifully blesses any jiva who wants to love Krishna! The description cannot be described perfectly as it is very very confidential!

Radharani is most karunamayi (merciful) and very less has been revealed about the glories and position of Sri Radha by saints and scriptures as it is very indescribable and not all are yogya (eligible) to know about Her unless they have guru-kripa. Though, by chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra, one can slowly dive in the inner tattva and invoke guru-tattva's blessings.

Hare Krishna Mahamantra given by Mahaprabhu is topmost as it straight away dives the seeker in Vrindavan Prema Rasa (depending on sincerity and surrender of the seeker. Read why here)

Radharani is the most confidential treasure of vrajvasis. That's why she is called the Queen (or Swamini) of Vrindavan.  She is their all and everything. It's impossible to describe.

You can read inner biography of Sri Radha here (though even it cannot explain the exalted position of Radharani in any manner whatsoever).

Using this secret to go deeper in raga-bhajan

When one chants Hare Krishna Mahamantra, in initial stages or unless there is a lot of guru kripa, one just does it from the perspective of meditation on each syllable, trying to listen to it distinctly. They try to control their mind and listen to each syllable but it's very difficult. They keep on attempting and slowly and gradually, they become a fraction good with it but still, internally they know that their mind pops up thoughts and stories while chanting.

That is a part of vaidhi bhakti (bound by rules and regulation) and is important at initial stages to understand the flickering nature of mind. The fruit of this bhajan (practice) would be to realise that we are helpless and need to pray for kripa(mercy) of Mahaprabhu. Once one does that, they become eligible to know the inner secrets of madhurya bhakti and that's why Premi Rasika Association is important if one wants to dive deeper in original guru tattva and actually do proper shudh nama.

The ideal standard is 16 rounds of Hare Krishna Mahamantra as given by Srila Prabhupada but he also says that nama should be there on lips of the devotee always (if one is sincere and wants topmost perfection). The nirantar nama (constant chanting) will happen when nama is done in a mood of original tattva from where it descends, and that is inner confidential groves of Vrindavan. Read this complete article to know from where and how the Hare Krishna Mahamantra descends. The prayojana (goal) of chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra is topmost madhurya bhakti in vipalambha bhav. Srila Prabhupada has given all. This is complete!!!!

Depending on advancement and appreciation of this subject, a seeker should remember Panchtattva and Haridas Thakur from the perspective of Vrindavan Prema Rasa (as discussed in the initial section of this article) before chanting nama-japa to go deeper. Aindra Prabhu speaks in one of his room-conversations that Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu and Gadhadhara Pandit quickly give vraj-prema-bhakti!!!!! That too within a few days, not months! Pray to them while doing nama-japa or nama-sankirtan to guide you to original Vrindavan Prema Rasa or make you meet a Rasika Premi Vaishnav. They are karunamayi. It is not without a reason that they are called karunamayi and audarya (most magnanimous) avatar.

Rare ones pray for this, and if somebody does, Mahaprabhu quickly (within few minutes or hours or few days) directs them impromptu to Vrindavan Prema Rasa. Aindra Prabhu says this in his lecture. I personally know of many stories of this. And those who care for praman (proof) or references for this should know that prema is not bound by praman (proof). This is raganuga bhakti and not for those who love the lifestyle, intellectual discussions and own devotional strength. This is only for those who are sincere and desperate for reviving their original constitutional position as an eternal servant of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna in Nitya Goloka Vrindavan (in one of 5 rasas as per individual real mood).

All praman (proof and references) is necessary at initial stages of bhakti only and that ONLY to just convince you to chant always, and not for showing it as display of apparent knowledge or jugglery of words. If you want praman, cry and chant sincerely, greedily, desperately and all will sprout in the heart. This is why Rasika Premi association is important. It's easy to find Krishna, but difficult to find true Rasika Vaishnavas who can guide you to Krishna. Hence, praying to Panchtattva (in Vrindavan Prema Rasa as discussed in initial section of this article) for the association of Rasika Vaishnavas is a quick way to bypass all prapanch (material nonsense) of mind and this temporary world.

Another cheat code for sincere seekers would be "I am Radharani's and Radharani is mine." I initially had laughed and thought how can this apparent yukti (cheat code) be so powerful. But later it sprouts that how much of bhajan (spiritual practice) can you do on own. Krishna likes apnapan (own feeling) of a devotee for him more and bestows all confidential rasa easily when one thinks like this. This is a yukti which Rasika Vaishnavas have mentioned time and again. This is directly in the mood of raganuga bhakti. Aindra Prabhu also writes this in his book. Read the detailed meaning of "I am Radharani's and Radharani is mine" here.

You can use Advanced Spirituality Guide (Read till bottom) to grow devotionally 1000x. This is compiled from Rasika Acharya's teachings strictly. If Srimati Radharani inspires you, kindly read this sentence by sentence if you are seeking really inner treasure given by Srila Prabhupada and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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