Importance of celibacy (brahmacharya) and how should sincere seekers maintain celibacy for diving in the true spiritual path?

Vedic Scriptures say again and again that there is no austerity higher than celibacy. These type of topics are usually not discussed in public domain but we will attempt to honestly & frankly discuss this as taught by Rasika Acharyas for our real spiritual benefit. Only sincere seekers who are aiming for topmost vraja-prema bhakti […]

Am I anyway eligible for preaching with all my conditioning, lust, greed, envy and defects?? (A Confidential MUST READ for all ‘preachers’ of holy names)

This article will serve its purpose only when one reads it until the very last sentence. Only then, all will connect beautifully. A word of note – this article is only for the sincere seekers and not those who think that other’s are inferior and they are superior. We all are part of Krishna and […]

Did Radharani and Krishna marry?

This is one of most asked question from the general crowd as well as seekers beginning their journey in spirituality. Did Radha and Krishna marry? Rasika Vaishnavas, exalted saints and Vedic Texts never give a generic answer in spirituality to any question. The answer depends on the person asking the question. They give answers that […]

Who are Rasika Vaishnavas?

Rasika Vaishnavas are exalted saints who have achieved the stage of prema-bhakti. They have elevated themselves to the asakti (attachment to the Lotus Feet of Krishna and Radharani) stage by their own endeavour of lalsa (desire), lobha (greed) and desperation to attain topmost spiritual perfection, and then achieved the stage of complete prema-bhakti by kripa […]

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