Financial Astrology Course Content

Course Content

Module I

  • Introduction and Overview of Entire Course
  • A brief peek into the basics of Astrology that is required for predicting financial aspects
  • Inner Meaning of Houses
  • Degree
  • Dristi
  • Retrograde Motion
  • Transit
  • All about few important planets

Module II

  • India Horoscope Chart, Movement of planets & it's effect on markets and economy! (Very Very IMP)
  • Beauty of Basics! Turning profitable even if view gets incorrect - The concept of hedging (insurance)!

Module III

  • Seeing the type of investments supportive in your personal horoscope chart - if you can succeed in markets or not!!
  • Financial Tips for early, holistic retirement
  • A Few Case Studies of Year by Year
  • Extending this knowledge to predict stocks, sectors and commodity
  • Bonus Lecture: How to trade daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly via this knowledge of Vedic Astrology in a professional manner with right money & risk management and not gamble? [For educational purpose only]
  • A brief discussion of India's Horoscope Chart

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