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Vraj Vrindavan | Digital Diary #5 | Feb 21-24′ 20 | Bhandirvan, Heart to Heart Conversation with Vrajvasi Baba, Vraj Vrindavan Android App

Wasn’t able to write the daily diary for the last three days as the workload was intense. Feb 20 & 21: Work work! Had been so occupied with other ventures, digital consulting projects, apart from maintenance of Vraj Vrindavan site and social handles. It requires much involvement to produce content that is offered with love […]

Am I anyway eligible for preaching with all my conditioning, lust, greed, envy and defects?? (A Confidential MUST READ for all ‘preachers’ of holy names)

This article will serve its purpose only when one reads it until the very last sentence. Only then, all will connect beautifully. A word of note – this article is only for the sincere seekers and not those who think that other’s are inferior and they are superior. We all are part of Krishna and […]

Did Radharani and Krishna marry?

This is one of most asked question from the general crowd as well as seekers beginning their journey in spirituality. Did Radha and Krishna marry? Rasika Vaishnavas, exalted saints and Vedic Texts never give a generic answer in spirituality to any question. The answer depends on the person asking the question. They give answers that […]

Who are Rasika Vaishnavas?

Rasika Vaishnavas are exalted saints who have achieved the stage of prema-bhakti. They have elevated themselves to the asakti (attachment to the Lotus Feet of Krishna and Radharani) stage by their own endeavour of lalsa (desire), lobha (greed) and desperation to attain topmost spiritual perfection, and then achieved the stage of complete prema-bhakti by kripa […]

The inner confidential Vrindavan mood of Panchtattva & how to use this big secret to do intense rasamayi bhajan?

The Panchtattva – Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu, Advaita Acharya, Gadhadhara Pandit and Srivas Acharya are most merciful. Mahaprabhu is the audarya (most magnanimous) avatar of Krishna who gives vraj-prema-bhakti to everybody without seeing any qualification at all! Mahaprabhu’s Harinam Sankirtan movement is for the fallen and it provides the highest prema-bhakti to the lowest conditioned jiva-tattva. […]

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