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Vraj Vrindavan | Digital Diary #10 | March 14-25′ 20 | Astasakhi Villages Visit, Bhandirvan, Lockdown, Digital Bookstore

The last few days have been a bit panicky around the globe.  Before any transformation, a big event happens. This coronavirus pandemic and all such trouble will impel people to reflect within. Doesn’t matter you are a billionaire or whatever, one moment and everything can be wiped off. One should hence use this opportunity to […]

I am fallen and don’t know anything about spirituality. Am I eligible to practice devotional path of vraj-prema-bhakti?

Rasika Acharyas say that to call our father as our father, we don’t need to study Vedas and ask anybody. Krishna is our nitya (eternal) father. But yes, to revive back this knowledge in the complete form that Krishna is our father, we definitely should read Vedic scriptures to advance spiritually (Read Beginner’s Spirituality Guide […]

Shiksha Guru (Confidential)

Shiksha Guru is the manifestation of guru tattva whom you can meet in person, listen to lectures, communicate and take instructions. There can be many Shiksha gurus. The basic meaning of this is something everybody knows. We won’t dive much into this subject but would rather see it from a perspective of who is the right […]

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