Vraj Vrindavan | Digital Diary #5 | Feb 21-24′ 20 | Bhandirvan, Heart to Heart Conversation with Vrajvasi Baba, Vraj Vrindavan Android App

Wasn't able to write the daily diary for the last three days as the workload was intense.

Feb 20 & 21: Work work! Had been so occupied with other ventures, digital consulting projects, apart from maintenance of Vraj Vrindavan site and social handles. It requires much involvement to produce content that is offered with love for Sriji (that She only inspires on how to go ahead). I am just observing and playing the role of drista (observer) and not karta (doer). 

She wants anything, it's done. She doesn't want then by Her mercy (kripa), Aindra Prabhu's kirtan or lectures by Rasika Acharyas is anyway going on at my home. However She inspires impromptu is how I have been taught to work by my guru tattva. Joi Joi Pyaro Karo Soi More Bhave (You might love reading the inner meaning of this here).

Anyway, Vraj Vrindavan project is something which I am made to do by my guru-tattva. It's only they who inspire me impromptu on what to do next. Never wanted to do anything remotely connected to any website related to Vrindavan 6 months back, or even at the time of writing this exact word. It's all material non-sense (prapanch).

Feb 23: I got a sudden urge to go at Bhandirvan and do my 16 rounds there. So I left for there early morning around 10 AM with a dear vrajvasi friend.

The old baba there identifies us well and offered the prasadam plate directly from the altar. It had a couple of vraj ki roti and curry. Sitting under the tree which is home to so many inner confidential passtimes (won't be revealing it here as they are really inner passtimes and one should visit Bhandirvan to actually hear them), we feasted on the roti & curry. It is our biggest treasure. Only rotis or any remnants given by vrajvasis makes the stomach satisfied if I have to be very very honest!

Later the baba was sharing inner Radharani & Krishna passtimes with us with tears coming out of his eyes as he discussed it further. He was glorifying Krishna and Radharani. Later after normal talks, he just said in the middle of a sentence that anybody can cry in material pains, but crying in prema is very rare. He said it with such a simple intent (so that we consider it generic and are not able to relate it with him). That's how Premi Rasika Vaishnavas hide their sthiti (state) of prema-bhajan.

Later he mentioned that he loves to read but can't as his eyesight is almost gone. I asked how is the eyesight gone then he hesitantly told that he has motiyaben or whitening of eyes and changed the topic.

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Usually, I have a very weak memory and forget incidents even 5 minutes ago. But when I came and sat in front of my workstation, those tears come in front of my eyes.

Vrajavasis are very very special. Others will do markata bhakti (show off monkey-like renunciation) but vrajvasi's sarvashwa (everything) is Radha Krishna.

One should not associate much with vrajvasi's at the initial stage as they won't be able to understand the depth of prema owing to their material viewpoints and conditioning, and might commit offences against Krishna's dearmost vrajvasis.

Anyway, I just searched for that eye condition and found that is a common issue with age, but owing to financial issues, people living in villages are not able to afford treatment. Radharani inspired me to direct a portion of finances to his cause. Anyway, I don't consider anything as mine except for only my guru tattva and Radharani (only by their mercy). If Sriji inspires you, you can contribute as well (but no way as a donation but rather something which is of Radharani). If Sriji inspires, you can reach me via Facebook or Instagram message, and I will direct you to the baba there. I don't know how this will happen but I was inspired from within to write it here impromptu. Let's see what Radharani has planned. If you know of any camps, hospitals, social organisation, then also it would be kind of you to please let me know about it. 

Feb 24: The Android app of Vraj Vrindavan is is gonna be live soon. Just got this idea today morning and made one quickly via a few digital tools.

Vraj Vrindavan has been receiving a lot of warm response globally. But the cream of the project if you ask me is the articles on site as these have been not written by me but have been majorly translated. I don't know anything. I have heard from Srila Prabhupada, Aindra Prabhu, Rasika Acharyas and just tend to present AS IT IS as much as possible (as I am not perfect). But I am fearless as I have the first-hand experience that Krishna and guru tattva are behind my back guiding me at all stages. They have been protecting. I have experienced their kripa (mercy) and dular (love) every now and then. Banking on the strength of holy names and their blessings, I can vouch for this.

Anyway, it's getting late and I am sleepy like anything. It's already 11:55 PM.

Harer Nama Eva Kevalam

I am just gonna increase the sound of Aindra Prabhu's kirtan and go off to sleep. Had learnt it from a vrajvasi baba about the importance of listening to shudh nama sankirtan 247. You can read about shudh nama sankirtan here.

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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