What is the meaning of Vraj and Vrindavan?

Meaning of Vraj

The meaning of Vraj as explained by vrajvasis and saints is that it is a path (rasta) which leads one to Paramatma within the heart, and this Paramatma is non-different from chaitya guru residing in the heart, who is Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Radha and Sri Krishna. 

The other meaning of Vraj is to move and align yourself to the newer and newer plans of our dear Shyamsundar Krishna. It means to fully surrender to Krishna and just act as an instrument in service of His Lotus Feet. Krishna always makes new plans to guide the devotee to the inner secrets of Vrindavan and His Prana-Priya Swamini (Dearmost Queen) Sri Radha. He reciprocates as per the inner desire of devotee and makes new plans to help the devotee advance. Krishna is always navin (new) and so are his plans, hence the meaning of Vraj is to move along with new plans of Krishna.

Vraj or path to the inner hidden secret of Krishna is none other than Sri Radha, who is the pran-dhan (life and wealth) of Sri Krishna, and approaching Sri Radha is very confidential and is only revealed to one who aligns with the plans of Krishna in full humility and surrender by taking shelter of Rasika Vaishnavas.

Meaning of Vrindavan

Vrindavan is made from two words Vrinda and Van. Vrinda means Tulsi (basil) plant and Van means forest. So, Vrindavan is a forest of Tulsi Maharani, who in Nitya-Goloka-Vrindavan is none other than Vrinda Devi.

Vrinda Devi arranges for passtimes and lilas of Radharani and Krishna. She plans the meetings of Divine Couple and puts other gopis and manjaris (maid-servants) in seva to prepare for lilas in a super grand manner for the pleasure of Divine Couple. So, Vrindavan is the forest of Vrinda Devi who arranges for rendezvous of Radha and Krishna in the confidential groves of Vrindavan, and hence it is called Vrindavan.

The Queen of Vrindavan is our Swamini Sri Radha and easiest way to know Her is to chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra greedily with sincerity and surrender!


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