Why Sanatan Dharma is against killing cows? [Scientific & In-depth Analysis]

The cow dung (gobar) cake has better antiseptic properties than the antiseptic cream that are available in the market. It is generally seen that the walls in huts of villages are coated with cow dung. This coating of cow dung filters and removes out the UV radiations and keeps the temperature cooler in summer season, and warmer in winter season!

In earlier era, before these chemical fertilisers came into existence, cow dung was the considered the best fertiliser for agriculture. It is even considered as the best fertiliser till date, but people out of their greedy interests choose chemical fertiliser which is nothing but harmful to body. Chemical fertiliser enhances the produce but look at the damage it is causing to the body.

Also, cow urine is the best pesticide as per scientists. If one drinks cow urine daily, they won’t succumb to any disease or ill health. Cow urine weakens the tumours, and also helps cure leprosy. In pharmaceuticals industry, it also helps in preparation of Rifampicin, which is an anti-TB drug.

A pregnant lady is advised to drink cow milk in different proportions, according to the different time of her pregnancy. It has been clearly instructed in Caraka Samhita about the ideal diet for a pregnant lady to beget a healthy child. You can ask any doctor or lady about how cow milk is a prerequisite for a pregnant lady. The cow milk nourishes the baby in mother’s womb. Thus a cow’s milk nourishes us in our childhood. It provides the strength in our bone formation. Thus leaving the scriptures relevance aside, we should regard cow as our mother.

Anyway, I will tell you something amazing. Do you know that even Mughal emperors like Babur, Akbar, Jehagir had banned cow slaughter in their regime. Babar in his will ‘Tuzuk-e- Babari’ tells his son Humayun to respect the beliefs of Hindus and not allow cow killing in Mughal kingdom. He also adds that if his next generations ever allow cow slaughter, then the Indian citizens will reject them outright. So, can you believe that? Mughal emperors had banned cow slaughter! And just imagine today!

I will tell you something more interesting. In 1740, at Tamil Nadu’s Arcot district, Robert Clive discovered that farmers there were getting a produce of 54 quintals of rice from one acre of land by simply using cow urine and cow dung as manure!

So, mother cow was always the foundation of India and integral part of fabric of society. It is worthwhile to mention that cows greatly outnumbered people in India in earlier times!

So, Robert Clive realised that until this foundation of India was broken, the East India Company won’t be able keep their leadership on Indians for too long.

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In 1740, this prompted him to open the first ever slaughter house here in India. It had the capacity to slaughter thousands of cows every day. This was their big plan to break India and they were very successful in this as this broke the friendship between Hindus and Muslims living in India, who have been living nicely over all these centuries. Hundreds of thousands died in the communal riots that lasted for decades, and it broke the backbone of India’s stability.

Even if you go through the Holy Quran, you can conclude that cow killing is not sanctioned and the only cow sacrifice that has been described was not meant for meat eating but for purification from sins. Also Islamic saints avoided meat. Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti and Hazrat Nizammuddin Aulia were Muslim saints who were simple, and preached warmth and love for all, apart from vegetarian food.

And just look at the state today. People don’t realise that cow is a mother. She is very special. Instead of protecting, caring and nourishing her, we are making a mockery of ourselves by opening slaughter houses. She is our mother!

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