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Bhandirvan Travel Guide

Bhandirvan is one of 12 forests of Vrindavan. It is at Bhandirvan that Radharani and Krishna got married. Though, the special thing about this marriage is that it was not performed in front of the whole world but it was arranged by yoga-maya potency of Lord.  Lord Brahma acted as the priest of the marriage […]


Barsana is the eternal residence of Sri Radha. It is located around 52 Km from Mathura and around 120 Km from New Delhi. The very name Barsana means “falling, scattering or spreading.” The meaning of Barsana as explained by saints here is that mercy and karuna (compassion, love) of Srimat Radharani is spreading, falling or […]

Vrindavan Detailed Travel Guide | To-Do List, History, Darshan, Mandir, Weather, How to Reach, Hotels, Festivals, Radha Krishna Stories

Many people often have a deep desire to visit Vrindavan and at some point in life plan to visit Vrindavan once. They have a conception that Vrindavan would be like forests and untouched with modernisation. Contrary to the notion what people have in their mind, externally Vrindavan has undergone a rapid level of infrastructural progress […]

How to deal with vrajvasis, priests at different places and temples, different types of devotees living in Vrindavan?

It’s been a few weeks that I was inspired by Guru Tattva and Vrindavan Dham to post this article. A word of note that before reading this article, do first read the article “How to greet various types of devotees?” So, when a sadhaka (seeker) takes to devotional life, they regard vrajvasis as appreciable.  Internally, […]

The four Sampradaya and the inner purpose of Sampradaya [Confidential]

There are four bonafide Vaishnav Sampradaya as mentioned by Srila Prabhupada and our Vedic Scriptures (as explained in the below table). Originating from: Brahma Laxmi Shiva Kumar Other Names Madhava Sampradaya Sri Sampradaya, Sri Vaishnav Sampradaya, Ramanuja Acharya Sampradaya Rudra or Vishnu Swami Sampradaya Nimbarka Sampradaya Guru & Acharyas Madhvacharya Ramanuja Acharya Vishnu Swami, Vallabhacharya […]

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