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Vaidhi Bhakti, Raganuga Bhakti and difference in gud tattva (essence) of quality of bhakti in both (Confidential)

Vaidhi Bhakti The vaidhi bhakti is the path of devotion with rules, regulations and formality as laid down by Vedic Scriptures and exalted saints.  Just as how two new friends at the beginning of their friendship behave with caution, formality and respect for each other, similarly one approaches devotional life with formality in initial days. […]

Must-Read Books for spiritual advancement

Here is a list of Vaishnav Books by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, Six Goswamis and Gaudiya Rasika Acaryas to help sincere people advance in bhakti and Vraja Prema Bhajan, and take to the path of fully realising oneself as an eternal resident of Vrindavan by identifying one’s individual relationship with Supreme Personality of Godhead. […]

Vraj Vrindavan | Digital Diary #11 | Aug 19′ 20 | Hare Krishna Mahamantra, Barsana & Tungvidya Sakhi Village Trip

Hare Krishna Movement is complete. Aindra Prabhu emphasises on it in his 1997 Vyas Puja Offering on Srila Prabhupada Appearance Day. There is a big confidential secret associated with it. It is subtly explained in this article. Also, in the article on guru tattva, there is a mention of second initiation (mantra diksha). That is […]

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