The chase for happiness

Happiness is very elusive - Different people have a different interpretation of what true happiness is!

For some, happiness is new gadgets, for some, it is relationships while some have a penchant for food and similarly, the list goes on.

I won’t sound preachy with all that kind of motivational stuff because this is not for motivation but rather searching about the inner confidential purpose of human birth as stressed again and again by Vedic Scriptures and Rasika Acharyas. We are talking about watering the roots (core purpose of human birth) here and not just putting water drops on leaves (motivational speeches). To enquire about our true eternal constitutional position is a serious journey. So, let’s get to the point straight away.

For how long can one be happy with all these material stuff. For how long? Externally, one might act, but when one looks internally, the heart is hollow and is looking for something more!

Do you find money as happiness? When money comes, it bewilders us, gives us a sense of false pride, makes us go crazy and crave more and more. It feels good in the initial days but irritates in the long run. You hardly care about it once you go further in the upper-income bracket. Rather, you start looking for peace and a deeper meaning of life deep down. Those who have seen big money in life can resonate with this. Those who haven’t seen big money, it hardly matters as they will find this statement funny. Money comes at the price of either discontent or the constant fear of losing it.

You find fame as happiness? After a point, it becomes irritating as people begin to invade your personal space. It comes at a price of insecurity.

You find food as happiness? Have 10 bars of your favourite chocolate at once and you will feel saturated with its taste. 

You find your gadget as happiness? Buy it and after 5 days, the excitement will go away.

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You find relationships as happiness? Recall the fights and disagreements with your partner or anybody. First six months it’s spicy and happy, and then the problems begin to arise. Disagreements are bound to be there. I won’t get into inner details as it won’t be right to put strange insights of its complexity in an open platform such as this book. Those who are little kids aged less than 25 years and haven’t seen life as such might not be able to resonate with this. Those who are aged 25-30+ can resonate about their complex life internally (something which is hidden from everybody around them). One can hide it from all but not themselves.

Hence, Rasika Acharyas say that a sincere seeker should be clever and orient their life in search of the inner purpose of life from an early age itself. If one sees it from a true spiritual perspective, then the fact is that detachment is internal, externally it doesn’t really matter.

Mind is too powerful to entangle us! One moment, we are in deep happiness, and the second moment it might feel that the entire world is down!

Bhagavad Gita (6.6) says that the mind, if controlled, is the best of friends, and if not controlled, is the worst of the enemy. It may sound like an attractive sentence but the inner meaning of this is very very confidential. 99.9% of us won’t understand this till a later stage of spiritual life (discussed in chapter “9 stages of devotion” in Volume II of this book). 

This can be only understood by Guru Kripa when the seeker can relate this sentence with their eternal constitutional position. As inspired by Sri Vrindavan Dham at the time of writing this very sentence, I will give a clue here in your search of this inner tattva, and that clue is Nama!

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