Shall we “dive too deep” into devotional life?

We sometimes fear to not go "too much further in Krishna Consciousness." To not go "too deep," fearing insanity, fearing the unknown of what we might become.

We fear to read Vrindavan Mahimamrta or any such transcendental books thinking it may pull us beyond our control.

We fear to reside in Vrindavan Dham fearing it will multiply the offences committed making us fall down.

I ask you.. "What is the use of such sanity and purity if we don't become attached to the land where the Lordships of our heart, Sri Radha Shyamsundar eternally perform pastimes?"

What is the use of such human life if it is not fully given to Krishna simply for His pleasure?

Forget what might become of you and think what if you see Krishna? What if you attain your eternal spiritual form? What if you are finally woken up from this dreadful material dream which simply doesn't exist!

Srila Prabhupada used to say, one who is forgetful of Krishna is abnormal!

Before the sun of our this material life sets, try becoming mad for Krishna, for Srimati Radharani and for Sri Vrindavan Dham, and only then we'll actually come to the normal, sane state!

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Let go off any strings attached and let the Divine Couple pull you 💗

Become intoxicated with the Holy names! 

Nama Nama Nama!

Jay Sri Radhe! ✨❤️

Hare Krishna! ✨❤️

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