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Srila Prabhodananda Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada is Sri Tungvidya Sakhi in Nitya Goloka Vrindavan, one amongst the Asta Sakhis of Srimati Radharani. In Gaur Lila, Srila Prabhodananda Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada appears as uncle to Srila Gopal Bhatt Goswamipada, who is one of the six Goswami's instructed by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to reveal Vrindavan to the world.

As Tungvidya Sakhi, he (she) is the epitome of poetic expressions in such a manner that will give tears to the seekers when they meditate on Her pastimes and conversations with our Swamini Srimati Radharani (as described by Srila Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswamipada in Sri Govinda Lilamrta). Her words make even Radharani blush in shyness!

It is hence evident that his two books Vrindavan Mahimamtra and Shri Radha Rasa Sudha Nidhi are an inner confidential treasure for Vrindavan Prema Rasa seekers. Anybody who has had the kripa (mercy) of reading these books can resonate how difficult it is to resist ownself from shifting to Vrindavan!

At many places, it is seen that seekers are advised not to read inner works of literature of Rasika Acharyas with a view that not everybody is eligible to read it. The frank thing that Rasika Acharya's guide is that you can't identify the advancement of a vraj upasaka (seeker of Vrindavan Prema Rasa) by seeing how long he or she has been in bhajan (spiritual journey) in this particular life. The past life spiritual advancement, sincerity, simple heart, degree of surrender and guru kripa primarily is different for all, and hence one might be eligible to directly jump into inner prema rasa without much duration of vaidhi bhakti.

In such a case, it's difficult to stop these kripa patra seekers from shifting or getting attracted to Vrindavan desperately. The destiny of a river is to merge into sea and likewise, the niyati or destiny of a vraj prema upasaka is to take shelter of Vrindavan, either in prakat (residence in Vrindavan) or through the heart. It's all a learning journey guided by guru tattva that separates the sadhaka (seeker) from their true gantavya (destination) of reviving their eternal constitutional position (based on guru kripa and adhikar or eligibility).

Here are few texts from Vrindavan Mahimamtra that I felt inspired by Sri Vrindavan Dham to mark while reading this book for the first time back in 2018. I bow down to Tungvidya Sakhi before attempting to compile a few selected verses. Also, I sincerely beg and approach the lotus feet of my guru tattva Srila Rupa Goswami, Srila Prabhupada, Sripad Aindra Prabhu, astamanjaris, astasakhis, all maid-servants (manjaris) and our Divine Couple Sri Radha and Sri Krishna before attempting to compile the verses below. May it pull sincere seeker's of Vrindavan Prema Rasa to prakat and aprakat Nitya Vrindavan Vas (eternal residence in Vrindavan)!


Think of Vrindavan with love. Roll in its dust. Love it ardently. Please its moving and non moving residents. Worship Shri Radha's birthplace. With all your heart, take shelter of Vrindavan!

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If the Vedanta does not directly describe Vrindavan, why should that matter to me? If the faulty logicians, who are like serpents living in the Vedic literature, ignore Vrindavan, why should I care? If even the devotees of the Lord do not understand the glories of Vrindavan, how does that affect me? Even if my heart were pierced by thousands of thunderbolts. I would never leave Vrindavan!


Srila Vrindavan is perfect in every way. Blind fools say there are genuine defects there. Oh! Oh! I pray that I may not see these fools at the moment of my death! Are they not the object of everyone's laughter?


If someone relates to me the faults of one of the moving or non-moving residents of Vrindavan, then how is his action different from cutting me with hundreds of sharpened swords, arrows and other weapons? The residents of Vrindavan are all as dear to the Personality of Godhead as His own life. If one is a little bit inimical to even a blade of grass in Vrindavan, then who will be able to rescue him from the horrible hell that awaits him? When will that rescue occur?


I pray this land of Vrindavan, which the great sages experience sweet as nectar, give me shelter until the moment I leave this body.


If one studies the Upanishads for a long time, he will not obtain even an atomic particle of transcendental sweetness as a result of his study. On the other hand, simply by residing in Vrindavan one will become quickly drowned in a great ocean of transcendental nectar. May that supreme abode of Sri Vrindavan become manifest within my heart.


What is the use of the highest royal pleasures? What is the use of perfecting the yoga-system and travelling to the upper planets? What is the use of the great variety of material endeavours to attain useless ends? These things are insignificant in comparison to the residence in Vrindavan. Simply by living in Vrindavan I will one day hear the sweet sound of Krsna's flute, ultimate bliss.


Flee from the witch of female companionship, uproot all desires for material enjoyment, accept whatever destiny provides for your bodily maintenance, and reside in Sri Vrindavan.


He who gives up the company of ordinary people, keeps no servants or followers, agitated with a desire to serve Sri Sri Radha-Krsna, constantly sheds tears, his hands placed on his cheeks and lives in Vrindavan, is the most fortunate of all persons.


Oh friend, please control your mind and senses and go and live in Vrindavan, which is a mine of nectar, and which is so glorious that even millions of books by the greatest poets and philosophers cannot describe a single ray of light from the host of the jewels of its virtues.


Oh brother, please reside under the trees of Vrindavan, and from time to time enter the villages to beg alms. Drink as much Yamuna water as you like. Dress in some rejected pieces of cloth. Consider others praise of you the most bitter poison, and their disrespect sweet as nectar. Serve Sri Sri Radha-Muralidhara, and never leave this land of Vrindavan.


Don't be afraid, thinking it disobedient to the Vedas! Don't consider the arguments of your elders! Don't enter the realm of ordinary duties! Don't run about to maintain your poor family! Don't become bound by love and compassion! Oh friend, run to Vrindavan!

If people criticise me, what is that? If I become the poorest of the poor, barely able to make out a living for my family, what is that? If all calamities befall me, what is that? If I do not serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead, what is that? I will patiently remain in Sri Vrindavan. My greatest desire will be fulfilled.


Thinking of all women as mother, thinking all moving and non-moving living entities worshipable, thinking all material opulence valueless things that dry the face and the heart, not thinking myself the owner of my material body, wife, wealth, and sons and thinking my enemies are friends, may I, even in the greatest suffering, remain always cheerful at heart in the unlimitedly blissful land of Vrindavan.


If you leave Vrindavan, if you leave this forest of kalpa-vrksa trees and go to another forest, if you stop talking about the nectar of Vrindavan and take pleasure in other talks, then, knowingly throwing away the sweetest nectar, you desire to eat dog-stool.


To the body, home, wife, and possessions don't uselessly think "I" and "mine". With help from the guru's words cut the shackles of illusion. Go at once to Vrindavan, the beginning of the kingdom of bliss. Live there on fruit and other simple food, and always remember the pastimes of Vrindavan's queen and king.


To they who, rejecting a thornless kingdom and beautiful women, thinking all material happiness most bitter and renouncing education, noble birth, wealth, and fame, go to Vrindavan, never to leave, we offer our respectful obeisances.


"I am a debtor, how can I go to Vrindavan? How can I abandon my aged, helpless parents, my wife, and my children? How can I leave my friends and relatives, who are as dear to me as my own life?" One who speaks these words, even though many respectable persons may praise him, is a fool.


The real goal of my life is to attain the nectar of confidential devotional service to Sri Sri Radha Krsna. I shall some day renounce everything and live in Vrindavan. These are the words of pretended renunciation spoken by one addicted to the affairs of household life. The holy abode of Vrindavan will not give shelter to such a person.


As Srimati Radharani was reclining on a couch in the pastime-groves of Vrindavan, Her dearmost Sri Krsna noticed His own complexion reflected on her breasts. Thinking this a blue bodice worn by Her, He eagerly tried to remove it and became filled with wonder at His failure. I pray I may someday become one of Radha's smiling friends staying outside and joking about these pastimes.


I would rather reside in Vrindavan, even as an insect, than reside in any other place as a liberated soul with a blissful spiritual body. I would rather reside here in Vrindavan, even as a poverty-stricken beggar, than reside in any other place as a person possessing wonderful, endless wealth. I would rather reside here in Vrindavan, even as a person completely devoid of the slightest trace of devotion to Lord Hari, than reside in any other place as a person overwhelmed with the desire to attain the happiness of serving the lotus feet of Lord Krsna, the lover of the gopis.


In a forest by the Yamuna's shore, in a charming, newly blossoming grove, at the entrance to a palace, Krishna sits with Radha and is served by the charming gopis. I take shelter of Them.


A woman's body is merely a grotesque lump of foul flesh covered by a thin layer of pretty skin. Spit at the thought of trying to enjoy that lump of flesh. Consider wealth to be worthless. Know that children, relatives, and friends are simply ropes to bind you. Consider palatable food and drink to be the beginning of your troubles. Fear handsome garments. Be humble, think of yourself as everyone's servant or disciple, and reside in Vrindavan.


What is the need to associate with saintly persons? What is the need to study the scripture? What is the need to perform pious deeds? I think the blades of grass in Vrindavan are supremely pious and fortunate, yet they do not endeavour to perform pious deeds.


Always and in all situations meditate on yourself as one of Srimati Radharani's many maidservants, who are all expert in the arts of transcendental mellows, expert in making a great variety of colourful garlands, garments, and ornaments, wonderfully youthful, beautiful, graceful, and decorated with beautiful faces always blossoming with happiness as they serve Sri Sri Radha-Krsna.

Meditate on yourself as Srimati Radharani's maidservant, as a beautiful, charming young gopi delicate as a newly blossoming golden vine, as a girl whose moving, neatly braided black hair is decorated with jewels and clusters of flowers, whose beautiful nose is decorated with a single splendid pearl set in gold and jewels, whose face has the splendour of a golden full moon, who emits a great flood of the sweet fragrance of a host of lotus buds, whose beautiful breasts are like two wonderful golden lotus buds discreetly covered by a bodice, who has a very slender waist, who has very beautiful broad hips, who is beautifully decorated with belt, anklets, necklaces, bracelets, and golden veil, whose hips are girded with a wonderfully colourful cloth, whose limbs emit a splendid lustre that fills all directions, who wears glistening earrings and a splendid golden lotus flower over one ear, who displays the very wonderful gracefulness, joyfulness, sweetness, and beauty of rising youth, who is so overwhelmed with love for Sri Sri Radha-Krsna that her bodily hairs stand erect and tears fill her eyes, who is situated in the highest position of skill in all the transcendental arts, who is wonderfully expert at speaking joking words, who is plunged in a nectar ocean of transcendental bliss, and who considers the beautiful divine couple the sole great treasure of her life.

I pray that I shall always meditate on my actual spiritual identity in this way and that even in the greatest calamity I shall not be illusioned into thinking that this material body is myself, or that this home and its various paraphernalia is my property.


A self-realised soul always tastes the nectar of pure love for Lord Krsna. In his heart, he sees the spiritual forms of all the moving and non-moving residents of Vrindavan, and he also sees his own original spiritual form. If you cannot see in this way, then hear the truth from the mouth of a bonafide spiritual master, and always reflect on what he has taught you. Reside in Vrindavan, and one day the reactions to your past deeds will come to an end, and you will also taste the nectar of pure transcendental love.


Please meditate on the many millions of maidservants filled with love for the sweet, jewel-anklet-decorated splendour of the beautiful lotus feet of Vrindavan's queen. With their musical talents they please the dear divine couple. Among them is one especially beautiful girl who is the special object of Sri Radha s kindness. Unable to bear a moment's separation from Her, she always stays by Sri Radha's lotus feet. She chews the betelnuts offered by Lord Krsna. She worships Sri Sri Radha-Krsna with great respect. Even in her dreams she does not know anything but the lotus feet of Sri Radha. She is always plunged in an ocean of pure love for Sri Radha.


Why should a person who is a slave to lust and other vices, who hankers after fame, and who has abandoned the right path, not attain perfection in Vrindavan if he has somehow attained Vrindavan mercy?


Oh Vrindavan, even though I am very fallen, and even though I boldly lie when I say "Oh Vrindavan, I am yours," I beg you that please be merciful and accept me anyway.


Even though I have not performed a single pious deed, and even though I have committed every sin, shall I not attain spiritual perfection simply by chanting the two syllable mantra "Radha".


May I pass the moments of my life in the land of Vrindavan, always meditating on the beauty of Sri Radha's lotus feet, which are decorated with sweetly tinkling jewelled ankle bells.


I, who am the personification of all sinful deeds, may never be delivered from hell. I only pray that I may never forget the holy names of Sri Vrindavan, Sri Radha, and Sri Radha's lover.


Alas! I am a great fool and all my actions are abominable. Still, I shall never leave the land of Vrindavan and I shall never cease chanting the holy name of Sri Radha.


I have a firm faith in the worship of Sri Radha. My heart burns with pain and can find no peace. Except for the land of Vrindavan, what medicine is there to cure me?


Enough with books! Enough with garrulous philosophers who cannot understand Vrindavan! Enough with the tangled nets of logic! Give up all doubts and reside in Vrindavan.


What book will count the numberless glories of Vrindavan? What philosophy will explain the sweet pastimes of the divine couple in Vrindavan?


I have come to Vrindavan to cut the pathetic ropes of repeated birth and death. Alas! Alas! The Supreme Personality of Godhead has now bound me with ropes from which I have no power to escape.


Like a lusty man who meets a beautiful girl, like a drunkard who has just drunk some wine, and like a pauper who has suddenly attained a great fortune, so I am in this forest of Vrindavan.


Sri Radha is intoxicated by the sweetness of Vrindavan. She is intoxicated with extraordinary love. The sound of the name "Krishna" makes Her wild with thirst to enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes. She is expert in the battlefield of love.


As long as there is no deep faith in the land of Vrindavan the mercy of Sri Radha's feet does not appear.


Oh great soul, if you roll about in the ground in Vrindavan, then you will attain an exalted position like the beautiful pearl necklace strung by Lord Krsna and worn by Sri Radha. This exalted fate will not be very difficult for you to obtain.


When the fortunate devotees consider that Vrindavan is more dear to them than life itself, then Vrindavan is not difficult for them to attain.


"Beloved make this couch perfect."
"Oh My beautiful love, what offense have I committed?"
"Your actions are not good."
"What can I say?"
"How much must I forgive?"
"No! Leave my feet! When you have gone I shall sleep on this bed alone."
"I shall massage Your feet."
"You are not very good at that."
"I am Your servant. You shall teach me."
"You have lost Your mind!"
"You have stolen My mind from Me. Tell Me where on Your body You are hiding it. I shall push My hand into Your bodice and reclaim it." Hearing these words from the young parrots, Sri Radha and Her friends smiled and chased them away with loud calls and a barrage of flowers. I pray that Sri Radha may protect me in this land of Vrindavan.


If one travels to Vrindavan, then what is the use of him going to millions of other pilgrimage places? If one hears the singing of the birds of Vrindavan, then what is the use to him of all the Vedas? If one recites the names of the trees and other living entities in Vrindavan, then what is the use to him of a host of prayers and mantras? If one sees Vrindavan, then what is the use to him of millions of opulences?


They who consider Vrindavan their only treasure and who tremble with the bliss of intense love for the splendid fair and dark divine couple are, because of their great transcendental piety, always protected in this world.


Where is pure devotional service? Where is detachment from the world? Where is spiritual knowledge? Where is religion? The forest of Vrindavan, which cannot be touched by the black snake of time, is the only home of all these opulences.


I am pathetic! I am a pathetic fool! Even though from Vrindavan I have obtained my original spiritual form, because I am proud of this jar of stool, I still blossom with happiness when the sinful non-devotees respect me!


What is the good of our worshipping many saintly spiritual masters? What is the shame of this world to us? For me there is no infamy, no fear, no object of sense gratification, and no material pious activity. Like a madman, I do not even listen to the discourses of scholars learned in thousands of books. My mind is simply overwhelmed by the nectar of Vrindavan.


Let there be millions of violations of the rules of piety. Let there be millions of calamities one after another. Let there be millions of criticisms from the people of this world. Why should I leave Sri Vrindavan, which is millions of times more dear to me than my own life?


He who takes Vrindavan very seriously is taken seriously by all the demigods. He who takes Vrindavan lightly becomes as insignificant as a blade of grass.


Oh my desire, if you are determined to stay in Vrindavan, then do it. I shall remain here with no other concern. I do not care for happiness, distress, mental anguish, pious deeds, freedom from sin, or the splendour of pure devotional service to Lord Hari's lotus feet.


If Radha lifts Her head and gently smiles, then of what use are the rising of the full moon or the forests of blossoming lotus flowers?


They who are proud of their exalted status but do not take shelter of Vrindavan, the very wonderful and purifying place where Lord Hari enjoys His very charming transcendental pastimes, are very unfortunate and lowly.


Greedy to taste the nectar of Lord Hari, I have abandoned all material responsibilities. Why have you not given me even a small drop of that nectar Oh Vrindavan, why do you cheat me in this way?


I throw away all my pride and place upon my head the dust of the feet of anyone who, with an unwavering love for the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna, is determined to always stay in Vrindavan.


As Srimati Radharani, fatigued from the battle of conjugal pastimes, rests on the chest of Her lover, a certain gopi plunged in pure love serves Her. Even though he is destroyed by his senses, and even though he cannot directly see any of these pastimes, a person who in his heart meditates on this gopi becomes supremely fortunate.


A fortunate person will abandon material piety, economic development, sense gratification, impersonal liberation, devotion to Lord Narayana, and the means by which any of these goals may be attained, and instead, to attain the direct service of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna, stay in Vrindavan until the time of his death.


If you yearn for what is above the material and spiritual worlds, then wholeheartedly love Lord Madanamohana. Don't live in a crowded city. Live in Vrindavan. Offer respects to all living entities there. Never offend them.


Who will not glorify they who, not allowing even the word "woman" to touch their ears, terrified of any contact with women, and offering their lives to Sri Vrindavan, stay at Sri Radha's feet?


Don't leave Vrindavan! Don't go the fearful world of the non-devotees! Sri Radhika enjoys a festival of sweet nectar in the new gardens of Vrindavan.


Sri Vrindavan, where the name "Radha", the sweetest part of the shoreless nectar ocean of pure and splendid divine love, shines, is the only goal of my life.


My own people may leave me. My body may collapse. Still, I will not take a single step beyond the border of Vrindavan.


She is not my mother, he is not my father, he is not my relative, he is not my friend, he is not my well-wisher, and he is not my guru, who does not order me to reside in Vrindavan.


They who relish blaspheming Vrindavan residents, they who will not glorify Vrindavan, and the fools who somehow think Vrindavan like other places, cannot attain eternal, blissful spiritual forms in Vrindavan. I pray that even in dreams I may never come near those sinful people, the lowest of men.


Even if they speak many intolerable insults, even if they kidnap my wife, even if they kill my dear children and relatives, even if they plunder my wealth, and even if they take my own life, the residents of Vrindavan will remain always dear to me. I will worship them always.


He who always torments others, is attached to others wives, harms everyone in many ways, acts sinfully, is blinded by greed and a host of vices, and stays in Vrindavan, is a glorious rising sun. Oh brother, do not become an owl blind to the sunlight and find faults in him.


Do everything that opposes religious principles, reject all religious duties, and abandon your guru in order to reside in Vrindavan. That is your supreme religious duty. That is devotion to your guru. Your sins are whatever stops you from residing in Vrindavan.


Even though staying in Vrindavan himself, he who commits the offence of thinking that the residents of Vrindavan do not have spiritual forms of eternity, bliss, and knowledge, will not attain the supreme abode.


Wandering in Vrindavan is the best of all opulences, the best of all religious principles, the best of all kinds of worship, the best of all perfections, the best of all glories, and the best of all oceans of sweetness.


When chanting the siddha-mantra of very wonderful names beginning "Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna!' come from the mouth of Lord Chaitanyadeva, who is compassion personified, will I become perfect in Vrindavan.


I meditate on wonderful Vrindavan splendid with gold, crystal, and rubies, with great sapphire trees, with courtyards made of many kinds of jewels, with buzzing bees, with blossoming vines, with wonderful parrots, peacocks, cuckoos, and other birds, and with lakes filled with lotuses and other flowers.


When, rapt in meditation, and in trance seeing my own original spiritual form, will I be bewildered, unaware whether a moment or three hours have just passed in beautiful Vrindavan.


I will not speak, hear, or think of anything else. I will not speak, worship, or take shelter of anything else. Either awake or in a dream, I do not see anything but the forest where Sri Radha enjoys pastimes.


"Why do You trouble Me? Leave Me alone!"
"Come. Happily sleep on this bed."
"Take Your arms off Me! Take them off!"
"Beloved, I will embrace You just once."
"Merciless beast! Leave Me alone! Leave Me alone. I do not trouble You."
When, in Vrindavan forest, will I hear a parrot repeat these words of Sri Sri Radha Krsna.


Obeisances to the beautiful couple that stays in Vrindavan. Obeisances to the beautiful couple that wanders in Vrindavan. Obeisances to the beautiful couple that is the life of Vrindavan. Obeisances to the hero and heroine of Vrindavan.


Obeisances to the beautiful couple that is merciful to Vrindavan. Obeisances to the beautiful couple that is the transcendental nectar of Vrindavan. Obeisances to the beautiful couple that is the perfection of Vrindavan.


No place is more exalted than Vrindavan forest. No person is more lowly than me. It is only by the power of Sri Radha's holy name that these two may meet. May the all-wonderful, limitlessly powerful, and supremely auspicious holy name of Vrindavan's queen once be glorious in my mouth.


A must-read article after reading the above-mentioned texts from Vrindavan Mahimamrta would be the inner confidential meaning of Hare Krishna Mahamantra

Jai Jai Shyama, Jai Jai Shyam, Mero Shri Vrindavan Dham!

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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