The idea behind Financial Astrology Course!

Almost every one of us has this desire to invest at the right time, and get an idea of how stock markets are gonna behave in the next few months or year.

Each one of us aspires to make good money and take to some spiritual search or live in holy places like Vrindavan and explore spirituality!

By the mercy of my Acharyas, I have been mercifully allowed to reside in Vrindavan since 2017, back when I was 24.

Coming from a privileged financial and educational background, this shift was a roller coaster. I knew I had the bandwidth to take greater risks and thus explored spirituality and life as such.

In the meanwhile, experimented with multiple fields like filmmaking, writing, stock markets, astrology, entrepreneurship, spirituality, and connected it all as a data point over all these years.

During the course of my research over the last decade, I found an interlink of the financial cycle with Vedic Astrology!

I myself am an active trader and this course on financial astrology is my very intricate, exclusive and detailed work.

Through this course, I have made a humble attempt to help a sincere seeker take to the knowledge of predicting economic cycles ahead (and whether they can participate in it) and plan to retire early to lead a holistic devotional life.

Ofcourse, the focus should be on one's core competency. Please understand that it is an indicative science, and one should be mature enough to use it as a data-point and educational knowledge only instead of being paranoid about it. Always use it with apt hedging in a right professional manner. I have tried to humbly discuss the subject of hedging in a matured way inside the course.

This course is short and sweet, with just 15+ pre-recorded video lectures in 3 modules - first for basics, second for predicting the Indian Stock Markets, and third to see which financial investments suit you as per your horoscope chart.

You can watch it anytime at your convenience. To be very frank, you can watch it within 3.5 - 4 hours on any day!

Anybody can join for added knowledge and data-point in financial decision making. A lot of my astrological clients and Predictive Astrology Course students requested this financial astrology course.

For somebody who has a spiritual mood, it can be more helpful to plan an early holistic retirement.

I invite all sincere and genuine seekers to join in this amazing journey of financial astrology. Wishing you a fulfilling and holistic life!💫

Aman Kashyap
Vraj Vrindavan

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!
Hare Krishna!

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