Should predicting the stock market via Vedic Astrology, Macro & Micro Economic data points be considered speculation and gambling?

As mentioned in our Vedic Scriptures, there are 4 regulative principles one should follow regardless. One of them is no gambling.

Basically, no gambling or playing with fate (This principle is based on the pillar of truthfulness).

The concept of sincere seekers (as taught by Rasika Vaishnavas and Vedic Scriptures) is to surrender fully to Lord and depend on Him by doing honest, sincere effort in whatever work (permitted by scriptures) they are doing in order to maintain body and other social responsibilities, and eventually offering it to Him.

Gambling and all short term illegal stuff drift you away from bhajan (spiritual practice) and do not make you depend on Lordships, hence is absolutely forbidden for any human being.

So, is predicting the stock market via data points of Macro & Micro economic factors or even Vedic Astrology be considered as gambling?

Answer is No! This is a very half-baked and naive statement to make. If somebody is not conversant with the subject, it is not advised to make lame conclusions without knowledge. Markets run on demand and supply of goods and services and macro and micro economic factors. There is a huge money and economy at stake, and 1% of people mainly comprising of professional hedge funds and large fundhouses do it professional manner benefitting the economy, while the majority of 99% retail traders and investors gamble without proper risk or money management.

Though, I agree that due to lack of knowledge and for that quick vicious greed of money, maximum people lose in markets! As a matter of destiny, I have taken astrological readings of so many people from all walks of life and 99% lose in markets badly and with some serious big money. I strictly don’t encourage it for 99% of people as talking from an astrological perspective as well, there are rare combinations for success in markets and it is not found in the majority of charts. I usually advise people to focus on their core competency area and main profession frankly.

However, if somebody plans to learn Financial Astrology just as a data point in various decisions, like for example, how to have a rough idea of economic cycle as in for a datapoint to when to purchase property, which sectors to be invested in, where to be cautious and stuffs like these, a data point from Vedic Astrology can be considered. It should be done in matured manner with total ownership of decisions and the right money management with proper hedging or insurance. When done in that way, it is not gambling but professional work like any work.

However, the percentage of such traders and investors is always very low, as happens in every field. In every profession, there is very little success rate, whether be it civil services, doctors, CA's, sportspersons, etc. That is the tough truth of life. A doctor spends years to learn, businesses spend such money, resources and hard work for 5-20% CAGR and here how can one except an easy success in markets?

It takes time, knowledge, experience and multiple supportive factors like favourable family and external conditions plus strong mental strength. Hence, maximum horoscope charts are not supportive for success in markets. I have covered in course how to see if you have those combinations or not. If it doesn't exist, simply focus on your core competency and not take stock markets seriously.

Also, many may point that in markets, and especially option trading, one's loss is another gain and that it is a zero-sum game. Again, 99% people are gambling and they know that options are proper hedging (or in simple words, insurance) instruments and are not speculative though people have made it appear like that.

Professional investors always hedge (insurance) their investments via options and professional traders add liquidity to the market. Hence even in income tax filing, option trading is considered business income and not under speculative leg. A matured view is important here rather than commenting without knowledge. However, 99% don’t understand this and prefer to lose their hard-earned money via gambling and speculating. Hence, I don't recommend it for 99% of people.

In this Financial Astrology course, I have tried to simplify this and present it humbly so that sincere seekers can benefit. Do go through the course content of Financial Astrology in detail, and if connects, you can join here for an added data point in your financial decision-making.

Wishing you the very best and holistic growth in life!

Thank you!

Aman Kashyap
Vraj Vrindavan

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