Vraj Vrindavan | Digital Diary #12 | Jan 18′ 23 | How the book got published, Overwhelming stories of it’s warm response, Vrindavan updates & heartfelt thoughts to many questions from readers worldwide

It's been more than 2.5 years that I got a chance to pen this Digital Diary series. As guided by Guru Tattva, was mainly involved in Sriji seva (service) pretty much related to work and personal life.

The period has been a roller coaster to say the least! I recall being made to write in a previous digital diary entry about this particular teaching of Rasikajana that a sincere seeker should see oneself as a drista (observer) and not karta (doer) and know himself to be only a mere instrument in the hands of Spiritual Master and Krishna.

Was quite occupied in other stuffs hence was not even checking this site. This year marks the forth running year of the site which was created on Oct 8, 2019 by Sriji's will, only for my own meditation of my Vrindavan Dham and Divine Couple (which I mention in almost all the articles).

The way this site organically grew was something that shocked me, and that too without any intent to do so!

By Sriji's arrangement, I recently got married to Vatsala (@eternallyradhas), who is a very kripa patra devotee of Gurujana, in Sri Vrindavan Dham on March 16, 2022. She is extremely attached to Srila Prabhupada and Sri Vrindavan Dham, and the interesting thing is that she was one of the first regular readers on this site in the initial days.

As I was engaged in work seva, it was Vatsala who after a few days of our marriage picked up the unfinished book, Demystifying the Mystical Vrindavan, and began to complete the rest of it for her own cintan (meditation) of Sri Vrindavan Dham (Read the full Book Story here). I thought to myself, maybe this is what Sriji wants, so I joined her too and the book was completed on Oct 2, 2022 by the mercy of all our Rasika Vaishnavas and Guru Tattva. We were made to attempt it just so that we can ourselves meditate on our Divine Couple, and our most merciful Gurujana and their deep, heart touching, complete teachings.

We had zero idea about the publishing industry and were quite unaware as to how will it get printed and published. We left it on Sriji and let Guru Kripa guide the way.

We were very particular about the fact that the book should be only for our meditation, and if Sriji's will, then only for those limited like-minded sincere seekers aspiring only for Vraj Prema Bhakti. Hence, we took a decision to not make it available on Amazon or Flipkart but exclusively on our site vrajvrindavan.com only to limit it's reach.

Demystifying the Mystical Vrindavan Book Ad on site

The book 'Demystifying The Mystical Vrindavan' is the essence and crux of this entire website.

If you are considering to dive into the final goal of our Vedic Scriptures and spiritual life, and if Radharani inspires you, do get a copy of the book .

The content of the book was ready by mercy of our Queen Srimati Radharani but we got stuck as to what the book cover should be. Now that's another great story! So what happened was that one day we went to Loi Bazar (famous market-place in Vrindavan) for some work and at a shop we saw a very beautiful deity of Radharani & Krishna, though we didn't get them that day. Once I came back home, they started looping in my head and I just couldn't take them off my mind. Next day, we again went to Loi Bazar but They weren't there! We were dissapointed, to say the least.

So, few days post that, one random day we just visited ISKCON Krishna Balaram Mandir for regular darsan, and while walking past the temple shops, we saw Them! The exact same dietes but at ISKCON Vrindavan, our home❤️, our shelter build by Srila Prabhupada! ❤️

Needless to say we knew that these deties are extremely special. We got them, and Vatsala was just too happy and was clicking a lot of pictures of our beloved dietes whom we named Radha Shyamsundar!

Radha Krishna - Vraj Vrindavan
Our deities 'Radha Shyamsundar' ❤️❤️

And as They would have it, while researching for the cover few days post that, scrolling through the gallery, we got this picture of our Yugal (Divine Couple) which seemed just perfect for the book keeping the title in mind. It just happened! Radha Shyamsundar 'Demystifying the Mystical Vrindavan' for the seeker reading the book!

Book at Keshi Ghat amidst Mustard Field
Our Book at Keshi Ghat amidst Mustard Fields of Vraj! ❤️

In this entire process, right from the cover, video teaser, voice-over, editing, content, design, layout, and everything in between, we did not hire any professional but were made to do it ourselves by causeless mercy of Sri Vrindavan Dham.

We tried with multiple book sizes, formats, premium pages, font, and understood a book format that is easy to read, which creates a premium feel as Yugal are on the cover, and the pages feels soft.

After the book got published and we made the book link live on site, just within the first few minutes we got a sale! A regular reader of site, a kripa patra seeker had purchased the book. To be honest, while being quite inactive on the site, I didn't realise that there were a lot of silent readers who were keeping a tab on site and reading articles daily.

The audience is diverse, ranging from prominent scientists, IT professionals, CA's, CFA's, start up guys, doctors, yoga teachers, professors, musicians, retired professionals, students and sincere devotees from different background all over the globe wanting to dive into inner devotional life.

There are many interesting stories of these sincere readers, and I was most perplexed by a reader from Karachi, Pakistan who ordered a copy of the book! Inspite of the unfavorable conditions and challenges that can't be shared here, this devotee is so determined in spiritual path. All glories to sincere devotees of Gaur Nitai and our Divine Couple!

During the whole process, we were just clueless and took one day at a time, letting Sriji guide our path (marg). Even today, we don't know what Gurujana intend to do by literally forcing us to publish this book but if it makes them happy, that's what matters, and anyway they will get things done as per their desire. We are just being to made to act, and it has been quite a roller coaster journey to see it all unfolding as drista (observer).

And an important thing to mention is that I am most unqualified, fallen reject and it is only Srila Prabhupada and Gurujana's mercy that is protecting us and allowing us to take holy names and be in lap of our most merciful Gaur Nitai, Divine Couple, and Vrindavan Dham.

In recent times, Vrindavan has become extremely crowded. Particularly after Covid phase, there is a significant rush and huge traffic here. It's very difficult to write this, but for the majority, Sri Vrindavan Dham has become a picnic spot and a place to shoot reels (without any teachings of bonafide Gurujana) to attract more likes and views.

On the banks of our dear Yamuna Rasrani, one could earlier easily sit and sing holy names of Yugal but in today's time it's very difficult. The banks are unclean, and taking darsan at prominent temples means to first get through the traffic and then gear up for the crowd in temple to see the Lordships. Therefore, it's the time to now get to know the internal Vrindavan, of which Demystifying the Mystical Vrindavan is simply a humble attempt.

[Read How the chaos, traffic, reels, social media story and commercial age is impacting Vrindavan, and how sincere seekers should bypass this external aspect?]

Many devotees also do message that it's very tough to live in Vrindavan owing to huge challenges (as described in this article). My simple reply to such queries, as Vrindavan Dham guided, is to simply read all articles on this site as these are mere transcriptions and compilations of Gurujana's instructions that will give all the cheat-codes to the sincere seekers to bypass the trouble in the spiritual path.

Of late, many devotees are turning back to the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada and Sripad Aindra Prabhu in a large number. To know what Srila Prabhupada actually gave access to is very important. Sripad Aindra Prabhu writes in his book that if one praises the Guru just on the platform of bodily consciousness and the pastimes performed on the manifest plane, being unable to identify the Guru in deeper Vraj aspect, their bhakti has not even started yet and is on a very superficial platform.

The thing is, to know the deeper aspects that Srila Prabhupada gave, one must cry and chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra intensely, and read his books, especially Chaitanya Caritamrta where Srila Prabhupada has completely revealed various esoteric aspects and the inner final prayojana (goal) of devotional life. Those aspects have been talked in intricate detail in the section III & IV of the book Demystifying the Mystical Vrindavan. The inner aspects are something which is the basis of this entire Vraj Vrindavan site.

I have received a common query on Instagram, Mails and WhatsApp that the seeker is unable to perform Nama Bhajan due to no attraction towards the Holy Name. As Sriji inspired to write this here, there are three reasons as explained in this article Why the mind strays in the spiritual path? Disassociating from your mind if it troubles you (it will die naturally). Kindly do read if Sriji inspires you.

The 200+ confidential articles on the site will help a sincere seeker to get many cheat-codes of spiritual journey but for seekers who want to understand the complete spiritual journey right from the beginning to the absolute final prayojana (goal) of what Gurujana teach (which is best kept confidential), in a comprehensive and concise way, do try to get a copy of the book if Sriji inspires you.

Also, over the last 3.5 years, this site's content on Vraj Prema Bhakti has been read by 0.5+ million sincere readers worldwide, which is something I was unaware of till a recent few weeks when I accidentally happened to check the analytics data of all these years!

The site's content was mostly written back in late 2019 and first 3 months of 2020, and we have been addding regular confidential articles as well henceforth. As guided by Guru Tattva, I was just being made to compile Gurujana's teachings for my own meditation. They have their means and ways to make even a fool a nimmita (object) in their purpose. Mukam Karoti Vachalam (By the grace of Guru, even a dumb can speak)!

As instructed by Guru Tattva, over this period, the site has been completely handled and funded on my personal basis until now, but to keep the site alive, ad-free & product-free (so as to not ruin the user experience and make it an another regular site) amidst huge surge of readers & operational costs, we sincerely need your support and contribution.

When one reads the articles on this site, the seeker meditates on Sri Vrindavan Dham and our Divine Couple, and any type of intervention by any ads during that time is just not right, and hence we have strictly denied going this ad route.

We have huge overhead operational costs in maintaining this site, and the book (released a couple of months ago) doesn't even cover a tiny fraction of it. We fund it ourselves via our other work seva (service) but with the huge surge of traffic, we actively need your help. If Srimati Radharani and Sri Vrindavan Dham inspires you, and has provided you privileged financial capacity, kindly consider offering us a contribution here. It has taken a huge effort that can't be expressed here, all manifested by Guru Kripa.

Chanting of Hare Krishna Mahamantra sincerely, greedily and desperately protects a sincere seeker at all times! Nama Nama Nama!

Sri Vrindavan Dham awaits you!

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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