‘Mystic Moon’ by Vraj Vrindavan – An astro-psychological insight into your past, present & future!

Stars can be both good & bad, but what if Krishna's divine influence could tip the scales in your favour?

Amid millions of stars, Krishna shines like a guiding moon! 🌙

In 2016, I was introduced to astrology & tried to learn it to know more about myself & blockages in my growth.

I wanted to know inner reason & science behind it.

Being a graduate of a prominent engineering college in India, I couldn't take things without a scientific & logical base.

Over time, researched so many books & techniques to realise that most claiming as astrologers are spreading fear in name of astrology & are giving half-baked advice with further upsells, remedies & expensive gemstones that does little or no benefit.

The empathy & sincere intent to help were missing in most of the cases.

💫 Empathy and Value-Driven Guidance💫

My sister, wife and a few close friends were the first ones to encourage me to help many. They mentioned that my predictions, persona analysis and life’s theme of an individual are very detailed & shockingly accurate.

But a note that I don’t see all charts. Every chart has certain energies and I only see those charts whom I can sincerely & truly help.

The basic principle is that the person should be sincere and honest as then, the easy-to-do Vedic home remedies works quickly, within a few days!

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