Advancing Spiritually Secrets: Staying away from the bad association who drift us away

In the initial days of bhakti, you always have to keep your bhajan (spiritual life) protected by not associating with people who talk material non-sense (As mentioned in the third and fourth verse of Srila Rupa Goswami's Nectar of Instruction).

Associate with premi actual pure Rasika devotees (fifth and sixth verse of Nectar of Instruction) to advance spiritually.

In the initial days, the plant sapling can be eaten by many animals. But when that sapling grows in a big tree, even powerful thunderstorms can't uproot the tree. Similarly, in initial days, sincere seekers should STRICTLY not associate with the wrong company of people. 

Our mind is anyway troubling us every moment, and just an encouragement to do non-sense activities from the bad association will make us drift away. 

The point is that we shall be selflessly selfish and care for fully realising our own eternal relationship with Krishna only and not focus on any others. Krishna is handling everybody.

The point is sticking to siddhanta (philosophy) of our guru shishya parampara. It is a serious business - to go back to home, back to Goloka Vrindavan by fully realising our eternal relationship with Lord.

Thus, the right association of Premi Rasika Vaishnavas is important. If you are not having a quality association, read Srila Prabhupada books, lectures, listen to his kirtan, read Aindra Prabhu's book, hear his shudh nama kirtan etc. That is non-different from associating with guru-tattva one-on-one. Pray to Lord to come as a Premi Rasika devotee so as to help you in advancement.

There would also be devotees who would be talking mixed philosophy like (pseudo) intellectuals and lifestyle-related stuff (though for the sincere seekers and as one goes deeper in bhajan, everyone is Krishna for them, and they have to choose only that Krishna who comes as Premi Rasika Vaishnav and not in any other form). Avoid these devotees with respect and rather focus on your own bhajan if you are a seeker of true vraj-prema-bhakti. Read this to know why.

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Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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