Why my mind gets scared without a reason and why I feel a lot of negativity and fear from within in my daily and spiritual life?

Rasika Acharyas say that there is only one solution to this, and that is to take shelter of Lotus Feet of Krishna and do intense nama-japa. It is only then that one can become fearless.

Here, no lifestyle and all that half baked philosophy will work except taking shelter of Lotus Feet of Krishna (Read this to know why).

If one has not taken shelter of Krishna, then it is impossible for one to get rid of their fear and negative thinking in any manner whatsoever. One fear will go, and then the other one will pop up. This is the material world! 

Thus to achieve complete fearlessness, as per the Vedic Scriptures and Rasika Acharyas, there is only one way, and that is to take complete shelter of Krishna.

Krishna says that those who take shelter of His Lotus Feet after realising about the fearful nature of the material world, for them, He takes care of them as His very own life!!! They become most dear to Krishna. Krishna is parama kripalu or most merciful for His surrendered devotee.

And what to speak about our Srimati Radharani? If one takes shelter of Radharani, then what to talk about fear at all!!!! All the source of happiness and shakti (power) resides in Radharani's Lotus Feet. How can anybody get fear when they take the shelter of Radharani, who is none other than Krishna's prana-priya (most dear to life)!!!

We get fearful in life and the reason for this is our past and present sinful behaviours (or bad karmas) from many lifetimes or in this birth (Those who have doubts, please read Bhagavad Gita or Beginner's Spirituality Guide if you are exploring this path and are a sincere seeker. If you directly are against this in a violent manner, then never visit this site at all and just ignore this fully as if you never read this at all).

The fickle nature of mind and it's negative thinking impels us to make false stories and gives rise to fear within us. This actually is the result of our past and present sinful karmas. Btw this negative thinking is not the fruit (fal) of those sinful karmas. This is only its effect.

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Fire's effect is warmth around it. Icecube's effect is a cold region around it. Even if one doesn't hug the big ice cube, still one can feel cold temperature around it. Even if you don't touch the fire, you will feel the warm and hot region around it.

Exactly like this, the fruit of paap (sinful activities) is fear, ghabrahat (scaring thoughts), fearlessness and no peace.

If you are committing sinful activities, you will be fearful no matter what!

Hence to bypass this fear, there is no other way than to take shelter of Lotus Feet of Krishna, walking on the path of dharma, doing nama japa and nama sankirtan, and then you can easily become fearless!! There is no doubt about this!

The first symptom of surrender (sharanagati) to Krishna is nirbhaya (fearless). Second is nischint (satisfied), third is nishoka (no regret and no stress) and forth is nisansay (no questions and renunciation of negative thoughts).

As stated in the previous sentence, the very first stage of surrender is fearless. Hence, those who have actually surrendered unto Krishna become fearless at the very moment. And it takes just one second to surrender!!!! Read this on how to surrender to Krishna in 1 second!!!!!!

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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