Few last days of Purusottam Mas (Month) 2020 – Cheatcodes to advance million times spiritually!

Purushottam (2020) Mas (Month) is scheduled to culminate on 16th October. There are still 5 days remaining. A normal Google search will tell you about the significance and story behind Purusottam or Adhik Mas.

Aindra Prabhu stresses very highly on visiting Vrindavan in Purusottam.

In Kartik, you get 1000 times benefit of bhajan, and in Purushottam, you get 1000 times the benefit of Kartik!! Read How to advance in Kartik article.

Rasika Acharyas say that a sincere seeker should use the confidential cheat codes (explained here) especially in Kartik and Purusottam Mas to dive deeper in bhajan quickly.

There is no equivalent for this but just for sake of better reference with our limited mind, it's like somebody is giving you 500 million dollars for free! Anybody got to be stupid to miss the golden chance to do bhajan!

If one even takes one nama in Purusottam, they will be guided to confidential aspects of bhajan, what to speak of those who with sole focus dedicate to bhajan sincerely. One should be ekant (secluded) and focus on doing as much nama, shravan (listening to lectures or kirtan of Rasika Acharyas), remembrance of Vraj and Divine Couple. Those who wish to revive their eternal constitutional position and mukha prayojana or purpose of human birth can't miss except focusing exclusively on bhajan this month!

The price one has to pay to meet Thakur and our Swamini Sri Radha is chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra with acute desperation. Nama Nama Nama!

Bhajan in one day of Purusottam is alone enough to save a soul from millions of births! There are still 5 days to go! Slog it out by taking shelter of Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu and Gadhadahra Pandit primarily. Gadhadra Pandi is Srimati Radharani! Check here to unlock this big secret related to Panchtattva.

Demystifying the Mystical Vrindavan Book Ad on site

The book 'Demystifying The Mystical Vrindavan' is the essence and crux of this entire website.

If you are considering to dive into the final goal of our Vedic Scriptures and spiritual life, and if Radharani inspires you, do get a copy of the book .

Aindra Prabhu says that to enter into Vrindavan Prema Rasa is easy if one takes shelter of Nitai, Gadai and Nimai! They guide within a few moments, leave apart moment or days!

Do check the inner meaning of Hare Krishna Mahamantra - This is the beginning and end for kripa patra seekers. This Hare Krishna Mahamantra article alone is the sum and substance of Vrindavan Prema Rasa as taught by guru tattva.

P.S. I write on this site only to keep reminding myself of my Divine Couple and Sri Vrindavan Dham as guided by my guru tattva. Please use your inner gut and calling for direction.

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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