Is there day, night, sunrise and sunset in groves of Goloka Vrindavan?

Rasika Acharyas say that this is something which one can know in real terms when they get back there to Goloka Vrindavan in their eternal constitutional position.

Goloka Vrindavan is beyond the time and three modes of material nature. It is transcendental.

We do seva (service) to the deities here as per our time (of the material world).

But in inner groves of Vrindavan, the Divine Couple are looking at each other and hundreds of kalpa have passed away. One day of Brahma is 2 kalpa, and 1 kalpa is 4 billion 320 million years as per bhuloka (earth's) time cycle!

To Radharani, Krishna and sakhis, it was less than a moment!! (Check this and read it till bottom to find the big confidential secret)

Goloka Vrindavan is beyond morning, evening and night!

To reach there via chintan (meditation), Rasika Acharyas describe and write lila (passtimes of Radharani and Krishna) as per our timing. Acharyas write lila (passtimes) of Divine Couple for us, to help us in reaching back to Goloka Vrindavan. 

Goloka Vrindavan is the eternal personal abode of Radharani and Krishna, and it is beyond kala (time). Time doesn't work there. Time only works till Brahma Lok (the abode of Lord Brahma).

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Goloka Vrindavan is self-lightened. Check this to know How Vrindavan actually looks like!!

The language is spoken of that place where it can be understood. In Goloka Vrindavan, one lila takes place for many kalpas. How can a conditioned soul like us understand this without taking shelter of Rasika Acharyas, Guru Tattva and holy names? Our mind is incapable to even think or perceive this rasa unless taking to nama!

Prema cannot be expressed in words. Prema is beyond material modes, time and is very subtle. Only those who are there can understand this tattva and just give us a bit of idea about this as it's very difficult to describe in words. Words don't have that capacity. 

Those who wish to know this should become seekers of Vrindavan Prema Rasa. Radharani is showering Her blessings on all but it is up to the seeker to grab it!

If somebody gets a thought that I have to go back to Goloka Vrindavan, then Sriji has given them the pass. They don't need to ask anyone for it or confirm it with anybody. 

Many will say that "Will a fallen like me get Radharani?" Then that is not passed by our Swamini Srimati Radharani yet. Even if you give them to guarantee that you will take them to Sriji, they won't accept. That means they don't yet have the guru kripa owing to their lack of lalsa (desire) and karma.

And to some, even if you say them that "A stupid like you won't get Radharani" then they will say that "It's your thought and your mind, but for me, I will definitely get Sriji." Then this straight away means that Sriji has accepted them. 

Hence this rasa is very very durlabh (rare). Out of millions, only a few handfuls can know this who are special kripa-patra of Rasika Acharyas and Srimati Radharani!!

The heart is the pass!

If heart says my Sriji will meet me, then the pass is sanctioned. 

One should chants nama-japa and nama-sankirtan sincerely, to them, all answers and direction manifest from within.

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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