Important Update (March 25, 2020) | Lockdown, Break from Our Daily Articles, Book, Diving Deeper

We just got updated last day that India is under complete lockdown for the next 21 days.

We won't get into the analysis of this but yes please do not worry (a brief spiritual perspective is mentioned in our Digital Diary #10).

Even Rasika Acharyas in Vrindavan have requested all seekers to fully support the government. It is the need of the hour.

This is a great opportunity for sincere seekers to dive in bhajan. The more news we subject ourself to, the more dejected and depressed we would become.

As inspired by Vrindavan Dham, we at Vraj Vrindavan got inspired to take a break from posting daily articles on this site, and are rather utilising this time to fully engage in writing a book on vraj prema bhakti for our own meditation, apart from our other professional endeavours and bhajan.

The visuals from Italy and other countries are so disturbing and sadden the heart that in spite of being eternally related to the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna, this is what is happening to us owing to our cruel deeds every now and then. Following regulative principles is so so important to be a normal human first, the bhakti comes later.

If this deadly situation doesn't impel us to reflect and introspect from within, we wonder what will.

If Sriji inspires you, try to put Srila Prabhupada's or Aindra Prabhu's recording and kirtan in full volume in these next few days and try to dive deeper into the core purpose of human birth. You can also explore different Vedic Texts (Download Authentic Vedic Scriptures PDF and E-Book here). This is a blessing in disguise to go deeper in bhajan.

Demystifying the Mystical Vrindavan Book Ad on site

The book 'Demystifying The Mystical Vrindavan' is the essence and crux of this entire website.

If you are considering to dive into the final goal of our Vedic Scriptures and spiritual life, and if Radharani inspires you, do get a copy of the book .

A sincere seeker is always gambhir (serious) no matter the situation and is always meditating on their Divine Couple no matter what (well described in Advanced Spirituality Guide).

There is a big opportunity in this adversity to dive spiritually.

We also should avoid watching or keeping updated with the news as far as possible and dive deeper in our own bhajan. Everything else except Radharani, Krishna and Vrindavan disturb and distracts. Our disturbed mind gets further disturbed upon hearing and meditating on such sad pieces of information again and again. 

We at Vraj Vrindavan are directed by our guru tattva to engage fully in writing a book on vraj-prema-bhakti for our mediation on Shyam Shyama in this while.

We have been made to consistently write on a daily basis for Vraj Vrindavan Project since Dec 18, 2019 (last year) and were inspired to put it in the public domain since Jan 24 this year. In these 3 months, we have written over 140+ articles by listening to vani (teachings and words) of Rasika Acharyas and as inspired by chaitya guru tattva from within.

The entire project is just for own personal meditation only, and now, we are being inspired to dive in a further interesting project of a book titled "Demystifying the Mystical Vrindavan' for our own bhajan primarily.

This would be a book that covers the most confidential inner secrets of Vrindavan Prema Rasa (as taught by our guru tattva and Rasika Acharyas) but arranged in a way such that it takes the reader on the journey from the very beginning of the seeker's quest to the eventual prayojana (goal) of prema-bhajan.

The concept is impossible to execute without guru kripa and we rebelled against this idea for long until our guru tattva encouraged us again and again, and now we are being 'forced' to attempt this. It's a very deep project and we felt that we will need to disconnect from everything to attempt this. In fact, we were guided with the detailed content structure last day by chaitya guru within the heart. Henceforth, we will be solely writing this book with full focus, and owing to this, there would be no daily articles on this site for at least next 15-30 days or more.

However, we will be sharing different parts of the progress of the book on our Instagram Story & Facebook. As of now, we are not sure about releasing the book in a public platform, but let's see what Radharani inspires us later. We are more excited for complete disconnect and rather diving deeper in the meditation of our Shyama Shyama by kripa (mercy) of Rasika Vaisahnvas

Sincere seekers might utilise these next few days to dive deeper into bhajan. This site has a lot of confidential content. You can browse the list of all articles here or download many Vedic Scriptures here.

And do keep listening to Aindra Prabhu's shudh harinam sankirtan 247. Eventually, nama is the conclusion. Everything sprouts in the heart of the seeker by sincere chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra. 

P.S. The next post might be after 15-30 days or whenever Sriji inspires.

Nama Nama Nama

Harer Nam Eva Kevalam

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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