The difference between humans and animals? What makes humans special?

A verse from Mahabharata describes the intricate details on what makes this human birth special.

Mahabharata Verse difference in human and animals

This means that there are four things that are common between human and animals. They are:

  1. Eating
  2. Sleeping
  3. Defending
  4. Mating

Both human and animals eat, sleep, defend and mate (reproduce). Just that humans do it in a more sophisticated way. So what is the difference between human and animals?

This verse from Mahabharata explains about that key difference, and that is we humans have consciousness, intelligence and free will.

Our intelligence is very fast grasping. Modern intelligence has given us such a fast life - fast food, fast car, fast planes, instant coffee machines, fast internet, but with all that what we have, where are we heading? What is our goal?

What’s the point in driving too fast when we don’t know which direction we are heading?

If life ends where will I go? Who am I in truth? How long I am here? Why am I here? Is there any purpose? What is my relationship with the world? What is the world’s relationship with me?

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These kinds of stuff can be questioned only by humans as we have intelligence. Animals can’t question about this.

If we don’t question it with our intelligence, we will become only sophisticated animals who will just eat or sleep in a slightly polished manner than the animals. Or we may even become worse than these animals for greed and satisfaction of our senses, false ego and endless desires.

The texts of Vedic Scriptures are easy to read. So many intellectuals give philosophical, business or lifestyle perspectives of these ancient texts but the inner tattva and the core aspect of these texts can only be received from Rasika Vaishnavas who explain the meaning of these texts AS IT IS. 

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