The secret to winning in the spiritual path

Losing! Yes, Rasika Acharyas say again and again that losing is the secret to winning in the spiritual path.

In other worldly activities, we are taught to get the first position and win it all. But in the spiritual path, once a sincere seeker becomes a kid and humbly accepts their loss internally, then that is the biggest win which will help them advance in spiritual life by trillion times.

Initially, when a sincere seeker accepts that, "Hey Krishna, I am lost and confused. I pretend to know everything but I don’t even know who am I. I am full of faults, and am prey to my mind. Please guide me. Please pull me to Yourself. Please save me Oh Krishna!”

When a seeker mentally offers such prayers and approaches Krishna with just one step, then Krishna runs 1000 steps to direct and guide the seeker.

Note that this feeling of ‘losing’ is just internal. Externally, one has to act normal in whatever occupational duty they have been guided with. The meaning of this sprouts in the heart as one advance's in their devotional life by kripa (mercy) of Rasika Vaishnavas.

And contradictory to this, when one puffs up with pride in this path (which happens most of the times to 99.9% seekers), then they are smashed by maya-devi, and will be drifted away from prema-bhajan to name, fame, money, politics, position, respect and conditioning of material nature. Maya-devi (illusionary potency of Krishna) will force them to take a longer route after repenting their mistake, maybe in this lifetime, or in a few lifetimes.

Basically, this is also a kripa (mercy) of Lordships so as to make the devotee qualified for this path by making them accept that they are unqualified!! That's why Mahaprabhu is patita-pavana (Read this article's second section sentence by sentence to relate to this big secret)!

Without taking shelter of Premi Rasika Acharyas, it is not possible by jiva-tattva (living entities) to even think about approaching topmost madhurya vraj-prema-bhakti.

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When nothing works, prayers work. Nama is the starting and concluding point of Kali Yuga. Nama guides all direction from within to the sincere seekers.

Owing to our association with material nature, we have forgotten our relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna but as we chant His holy names, all direction manifests from within.

The above statement of losing sounds too simple, and is actually simple but except for the mind! One should not worry about this fluttering mind and anyhow accept their loss this very moment and think that Radharani is mine. This very very simple statement has so much depth to it. It will guide all direction and pull a sincere seeker to the most inner secret of Vrindavan in a very short time!!

If the seeker has a simple heart, is sincere and has desire (lalsa) and greed (lobha) for reviving their eternal relationship with Radharani & Krishna, then they will be guided from within very very soon.

This Advanced Spirituality Guide might help sincere seekers augment prema-bhajan exponentially.

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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