At every step of life, I encounter severe problems. How do I overcome this?

No matter whatever good or bad condition in life, a sincere seeker should learn to agree with Lord's plan. Joi Joi Pyaro Karo Soi More Bhave.

Our Divine Couple always have plans for us and it is something which is for our benefit in the long run. Even if it might appear difficult initially, but there is a hidden objective that is for the better good of us.

They can never do anything even remotely bad for us ever! That's the words of Rasika Acharyas and Vedic Scriptures.

Sun, even willingly can't give out darkness, and will always spread light. Similarly, Krishna can never ever do anything that is remotely bad for His devotees.

Even if Krishna killed a demon during his earthly passtimes, then even these demons achieved a position higher than what exalted saints and tapasvis can even think of!

Even if anybody abuses, hates, envies or harms Krishna, then even they also get an exalted position! Putana came to kill Krishna by feeding Him (poisonous) milk through her breasts, but the same Putana achieved the destination as that of Yasoda Maiya, that of the status of Krishna's mother in Nitya Goloka Vrindavan!!!

What to talk about those who love and have taken shelter of Vrajendra Nandan Shyam Sri Krishna?

Hence those who know the quality of Krishna are always happy in any situation. 

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They will think that this situation has a hidden component intended for my spiritual advancement to bring me closer to my Krishna!

The true seeker is one who is happy in any condition provided by Krishna. Such seeker never has an ounce of complaint no matter what. They are very very special to Krishna.

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Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!


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