Being grateful and compromising on spiritual advancement?

Is it right to be grateful to our parents and senior devotees who are not supportive and encouraging for our Vrindavan Marg?

In course of Vaidhi Bhajan (devotion with rules and regulations), when a sincere seeker begins his / her spiritual life under the followers of Sampradaya Disciplic chain, he / she worship’s Radha Krishna, Gaur Nitai and Guru Shishya Parampara with sincere efforts.

Depending on their lobha (greed) for advancing in spiritual life, Guru Kripa or past life karma, they make spiritual advancement by leaps and bound, and get accustomed to the principles and siddhanta (philosophy) of Parampara.

After this phase, it is very important that the Vaishnav leaders who are guiding these sincere seekers must be bonafide Vrajvasis to be actually able to truly (and not just superficially) guide them to the inner aspect and core purpose of Parampara - Vraj Prema Bhakti.

If the sincere seekers are not guided by leaders about the real aspect of Vraj Prema Tattva after a certain stage, devotional life to them will be dry after some point of time and would be just mechanical. There is not a high chance but cent percent happening that the devotee would stray to material attractions from time to time, and would not be fixed up in Vaidhi Bhajan.

The secret of Vraj Prema Tattva and prayojana (conclusion) of Gaudiya Samprayada is revealed only and only by Guru Kripa, and to invoke Kripa (mercy) is possible only from association and teachings of a Rasika Vaishnav or a Kripa Patra follower of Rasika and Gurujana.

Srila Prabhupada instructed us to preach the holy names not for us to become preachers and carry that apparent pride but so that we are constantly reminded about Radha Krishna, Gaur Nitai and Guru Shishya Parampara for our own meditation.

So in name of being grateful to the senior devotees, who themselves are not yet object of mercy of Guru Tattva and Sri Vrindavan Dham, and who were only nimmita (instrument) of Yugal (Radharani and Krishna) in introducing the seekers to devotional life, many sincere devotees are not able to take a leap of faith to follow their heart to Vrindavan. Rasikajana guide that in name of being grateful, a sincere seeker shouldn’t compromise on their spiritual advancement. The heart is hankering for Yugal and Guru Charan from many lifetimes, and that should be single point aim of a sincere seeker.

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It is a matter of heart-to-heart connect with Sri Vrindavan Dham and no proof is required. Surrender is a matter of heart and not forceful imposition. If one is desperate to know about the inner wealth of Gurujana, and if they humbly and helplessly bow down to Srila Prabhupada in their heart, the external conditions and tests would soon bypass by Guru Kripa, and all path would automatically unfold on own in due course of time.

Also, a key secret that Rasikjana teach is to internally see everyone we meet as Yugal, but externally we need to act necessary as required. As for example - acting like a father to a kid, acting like a son to our parents, acting like a senior and guide to our juniors and so on. In this, internally we should see them as our Yugal but when necessary, we may need to scold them, act angry, act happy as required in the dealings.

As per the requirement for spiritual advancement of a sincere seeker, Yugal come in various forms and test the seeker’s intent for material hankering or Yugal, and polish them so that there is no other shelter left other than Guru Charan and Yugal.

So, Rasikjana teach us not to see anyone in a negative manner or underestimate them but to see them only as Yugal coming to teach and pull us closer to Them.

So, at times, inspite of being grateful to devotees who introduced us to Krishna Consciousness but are not supportive or encouraging for our Vrindavan Marg (path), or even our family or friends who are not favourable or supportive for our spiritual life, we have to shed the moha (attachment) for them and move forward and inch closer to Vrindavan banking on Guru Charan and Sriji.

Chanting of Nama and taking shelter of lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada humbly and helplessly will easily help a sincere seeker bypass this test.

In Vrindavan Mahimamtra, Srila Prabhodananda Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada straight away tells to reject even the orders of the Guru if he tells you to go out of Vrindavan. Though you just can't read this from outside but rather this has to be understood internally. The meaning is that if the disciple is eligible, the Guru himself will instruct the disciple to never go out of Vrindavan. And doesn't matter if the Guru is eligible or not eligible, but if the disciple has a strong inner calling and is sincere, then he can reject this order of his Guru and he won't get any Guru Aparadha.

Whatever the case, the disciple can take up Vrajvas (residence in Vrindavan) anyhow by just depending on Sri Radha and Sri Vrindavan Dham for everything. This will transform his / her entire destiny no matter whatever his past and all the way would lead him to Vraja-Prema-Bhakti. All offences (aparadha) become nil when in deep humility and helplessness, the devotee develops apnapan (own feeling) with Divine Couple. It is all but erased by the merciful Vrindavan Dham.

The most important business is to revive our eternal constitutional position with our Divine Couple. If a sincere seeker comes in touch with any aspect of Vrindavan, or specially association of a Premi Rasika or their Kripa Patra by good fortune, past life karma and Guru Kripa, then they must take a grand leap of faith and take shelter of Sri Vrindavan Dham by all their heart.

Vrindavan Dham is our all-in-all: Mother, Friend, Guru and will guide us mercifully to our Yugal and Guru Charan in their original eternal constitutional position.

What awaits is beyond the context of words. The heart is hankering for that from many lifetimes!

Nama Nama Nama!

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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