Restaurants and Places to eat in Vrindavan

Prasadam (or food) is not an issue here in Vrindavan. There are a lot of restaurants and local food shops in Vrindavan.

I have mentioned only the restaurants that don't use onion and garlic as Vaishnavas avoid these two ingredients from their prasad (food).

If you are coming to Vrindavan, I would suggest you to avoid consuming onion and garlic in your food till the time you are here.

Some of the good restaurants and food places in Vrindavan (in no particular order) are:

Agrasen & Dhenuka Ashram

For thali (or a full homely types meal), you can visit Agrasen or Dhenuka Ashram near ISKCON Police Chowki. Agrasen costs 90 rupees per thali, while Dhenuka costs 150 per thali, and they both serve you nice homely kind of prasad (food) with unlimited rotis, 2 types of sabzi, 1 sweet, rice, dal, pickles, salad, paneer, papad, ice-cream (extra charge). It really tastes good at both the places but some devotees have a preference for Dhenuka while others for Agrasen.

Karuna's Kitchen

They have some nice polished food with a super cool modern ambience that even famous restaurants in New Delhi and Mumbai don't have. Paneer Wrap, White Pasta, French Fries are some of the must-have items here. It is value for money for some items while overpriced for some. Karuna's Kitchen is a must-visit restaurant in Vrindavan for the beautiful and royal interiors perfectly blended in modern and traditional style, apart from some excellent polished food. Don't have hot chocolate or coffee, or lasagna here as it doesn't taste good apart from being overpriced.

11 Flowers

Puri Bhaji, Thali, all types of Pizza and seasonal vegetables here are really good. It is one of the better restaurants in Vrindavan for above-average food. They also have a wide variety of juices. 11 Flowers is located near the HDFC Bank (you have to go inside a lane). Don't have Rajma Rice here as they hardly give any quantity even for 199 bucks.

ISKCON Govinda's restaurant

The food here is above average with some of the menu being super awesome, but to be very frank and honest, Govinda's is extremely over-priced. Even in Mumbai (which is considered as the most expensive city in India) at prominent malls and expensive localities, you will find food cheaper than this. Though, you will like pastries, samosa (super-awesome), Manchurian rice, Rajma rice, herbal tea, dosa and doughnuts here. The ambience is also soothing. It is located at the backside of ISKCON Krishna Balarama Mandir, just near to Srila Prabhupada's House.

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MVT Restaurant

This is located on the second floor of MVT Guesthouse (behind ISKCON temple) and food here is really nice and healthy. They charge a bit more as it is mostly flocked by international pilgrims but it is worth it. Pizza and thali here are really fulfilling. The chefs and waiter here are western devotees serving with a lot of warmth and great hospitality.

Banke Bihari Gali

Just as you step out of Banke Bihari Mandir into the narrow lanes, there are a lot of local shops with super amazing street food. Alu Tikki Chat, Masala Dosa, Lassi, Chaas, Golgappe, Vada etc. are some of the must-have food here. The spices and sweet sauce in the street food are bound to make you wow. Also, the ambience here is perfect for pouching on street food without any restrictions. There's a lot of rush in morning and evening as Banke Bihari Mandir is one of the most visited temples in Vrindavan.

Pizza Olive Hut

This is undisputedly the best pizza store in entire Mathura and Vrindavan area. You get a whole big list of various types of pizza. They make their own pizza base and it is something which is their USP. A lot of international as well as local pilgrims flock to Pizza Olive Hut on a regular basis. The burger here is also super crunchy and delicious to the core.

Agrasen Canteen

If you love alu parathas, this small canteen just to the right of Agrasen ashram (near ISKCON Police Chowki) is the perfect place for you. They also have gobi (cauliflower) and panner parathas, apart from the sandwich and other snacks. The alu paratha cost 10 per piece, gobi parathas 20 per piece and paneer paratha 35 per piece. The taste of parathas her is addictive and they even have many international Hare Krishna devotees as regular customers. Though it is open throughout the day, but the parathas are only available from 8 AM - 9.15 AM and 8.15 PM - 9.15 PM.

56 Delights

Dosa, Pakoda at 56 Delights restaurant is epic. They are a multi-cuisine restaurant with a wide menu list. The food here is good but prefer not to have pizza here as it is not good at all. They are on the slighter expensive side but the ambience is good.

Shri Rasraj Foods

This is a fast-food outlet located just a bit ahead of HDFC & ICICI Bank. It is a must-visit for pizza patties, veg patties and blueberry soda. The pizza here is also good. Shri Rasaraj Foods is pocket-friendly as well and fills you up with quick tasty snacks.

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