The 3 shakti (energy) of shaktiman Sri Krishna (energetic)! (Very Confidential)

Shakti Shaktiman Abhinaya, or Shakti (Energy) and Shaktiman (Energetic) are non-different. If Krishna is shaktiman (Energetic), then Radha is shakti (energy). Shaktiman (Energetic) can't exist without shakti (Energy). There is no difference between sun and sun rays. The light coming from the lamp and its rays are non-different. Similarly, there is no difference between Sri Radha and Sri Krishna.

As shakti and shaktiman are one and same, Radha and Krishna are the same.

Radha Purna Shakti Krishna Purna Shaktiman Dui Vastu Ved Nai Shastra Praman

It’s not me or anybody who is telling that Radha and Krishna are one. This is the word of Vedic Scriptures.

Radharani has all the shakti (power or energy) to bring the prema (love) that is residing in Krishna for the pleasure of all. And this strength lies only and only with Sri Radha and nobody else. Not even Yashoda Maiya, Arjuna or Balarama Ji can bring out this prema in its true form out except for Radha.

We can see it lightly from a material perspective to just understand the depth of why Sri Radha only can bring out the prema from Krishna. And this perspective is how in the material world, a wife controls, cares and loves for her husband and how a husband listens and loves his wife more than anyone else.

In fact, as mostly seen, after marriage, husband and wife become attached to each other more than their own mother, father, friends and society they grew up with.

Thus, we can easily say that Krishna is totally in loving control of Srimati Radharani.

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To understand this in-depth, we can talk about the shakti of Krishna. It is of three types:

  • Antaranga Shakti: Internal Potency of Krishna used in the inner spiritual manifestation
  • Bahiranga Shakti: External energy used to manifest material world
  • Tatasta Shakti: All jivas (living entities) like human, animals etc.

We will talk more about Antaranga Shakti (who is none other than Srimati Radharani).

This Antaranga Shakti is of three types:

  • Sandhini Shakti
    We all might have heard this famous verse from Brahma Samhita - isvara param krishna sachinanada vigrah.
    The Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna is addressed here as Satchidananda.
    Sachidandan is made from three words - Sat, Cit- and Ananda. Sat means eternal, 
    Cit means full of knowledge and Ananda means full of bliss.
    How does the quality of Sat (eternal) come in Krishna? This comes from the Sandhini Shakti of Lord.
    With this shakti, Krishna is always there, was there and will always be there. This shakti is Krishna’s eternal potency.
  • Sambit Shakti
    Krishna is Cit or full of the knowledge of who He is and He makes aware to His devotees of who they are in true potency as His part and parcel. This full of knowledge aspect of Krishna is Sambhit Shakti.
  • Hladini Shakti
    This is the potency which keeps Krishna in ananda (pleasure) always. Since Krishna always stays anadit (happy), that is why He pleases His devotees and keeps them happy. This HladiniShakti is actually Srimati Radharani. 
    Only Srimati Radharani has the capability to give pleasure to Krishna always.

In Padma Purana, Radharani tells to Narada Muni - I am Ramani and in my company, Krishna can always be raman (most happy and pleased). My male form is Krishna and there is no difference between me and Krishna.

This above-mentioned detail is the eternal constitution position of Srimati Radharani as non-different from Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna.

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Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna

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