May Vrindavan Dham and my Queen Sri Radha give me eternal vrajvas and colour me in the shower of Prema Rasa!

Radharani and Krishna are doing causeless mercy (aheutiki kripa) on us and we are drowning in it. If one just thinks about this in meditation internally, then Rasika Acharyas say that this will manifest in real and one can experience it from within.

One should read the complete inner confidential biography (till bottom) of Sri Radha before reading this article.

If you think about what you want to become, you will very soon experience it in your life. What you think is what you attract!

Similarly, for devotees, to experience constant kripa (mercy) of our Swamini Srimati Radharani, they have to think that they have a lot of kripa of our Sriji. To do this, we have to develop apanapan (own feeling) for Radharani and Krishna. The level of absorption should be that we even forget that there is anybody except Them (which is truth and is realised as one goes deeper in bhajan)!

The saar (conclusion) of all sadhana (spiritual practice) is that one gets detached to the body, bodily relations, and only has a remembrance of Radharani and Krisha at all times.

By being bond to sansar (world), one is only in lack of knowledge.

Hence, one should take shelter of a PREMI RASIKA VAISHNAVA ONLY for diving in true tattva of Vrindavan Prema Rasa. One should sing glories of Radharani and Krishna in seclusion as they begin their spiritual life. It should be very confidential and only revealed to guru tattva

"May I hear glories of Radharani. May I hear glories of Krishna. May I hear glories of Vrindavan Dham." One should cry like this from within.

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One who does not get mohit (attracted) is addressed as Mohan (Krishna). Moha na - He doesn't get attracted by anybody and is Mohan who rather attracts everybody.

Sumar man Mohana - He is so so beautiful that He Himself gets attracted by Himself!

And Rasika Acharyas say that Radharani is Mohini (The All-Attractive). She captivates even Mohan (Krishna).

Mohini Radharani captivates Mohan Krishna!!

Mohini Mohan range or They both are coloured in each other. Beautiful indeed!

The words are not capable to describe the beauty of the Divine Couple.

When any normal popular singer is singing, one gets excited and starts dancing. Btw, all Gandharvas and singers get knowledge of music by kripa (mercy) of Krishna. And the acharya of Krishna is our Swamini Sri Radha. They both are so so beautiful!

Radharani is the master of 64 arts, and Krishna is master of 16 arts. For every art of Krishna, Radharani has 4 more arts for His pleasure! That's why She is the hladini shakti (pleasure potency) of Krishna.

Vrindavan is new every moment. Sometimes the colour is green, sometimes yellow and something red as there are different rubies and jewels all around Vrindavan that shine in different colours regularly. There are kalapatru vrikh (trees) all around.

The groves are in forms of palaces and are laden with so so colourful flowers. (Very beautifully described in Govinda Lilamrta and Krishna Bhavanamtra. Though one should read spiritual books in this order before approaching these two books).

The Divine Couple are looking at each other via side glances. This makes the maid-servants of Divine Couple dive in ecstasy and so much bliss. (Hare Krishna Mahamantra descends form this part of Goloka Vrindavan. Read the complete very confidential meaning of Hare Krishna Mahamantra here).

The Divine Couple are singing in kalyan raga. They are singing in madhur (pleasant) manner, in high pitch, taking alaap (musical high) and dancing elegantly on the banks of Yamuna.

Yamuna Rasrani is very very special. The day Yamuna Maharani shows her real form (by her mercy) is when the seeker will fully attain topmost perfection of prema-bhakti. Taking a dip once in the Yamuna destroys the root of lust, and provides Radha Dashi (Dashyam) Bhav.

There are different colours of lotus flowers in the Yamuna. Some are white and some are red. There are beautiful colourful fishes who are witnessing the passtimes of Divine Couple in awe and bliss. There is a calm and soft breeze flowing around the Yamuna.

But all are silent. All are just watching the Divine Couple take alaap (musical high) while singing. Vrindavan is really really beautiful and words are not enough to describe it. It manifests in the heart only by kripa (mercy) of Rasika Vaishnavas.

Our only desire should be to give Radharani Her most dear object, and Rasika Acharyas say that the dearest object of our Sriji is the name of Krishna Himself (in form of holy names or Hare Krishna Mahamantra).

The dearest to Radharani is the form (rupa) of Krishna but since we are entrapped in body and don't know the form, we can take names of Krishna and that will please Radharani. The Nama (names of Krishna) is higher than even Krishna Himself!

As Radharani gets pleased by our efforts and desperation for pure prema bhakti and sincere chanting of holy names, the guna (quality), rupa (form), lila (passtimes) and dham (home) of Divine Couple manifests in the heart in the complete form.

While taking nama, the thought should be that Radharani is so happy and smiling to us. Her favourite thing is Shyamsundar's nama (name).

In seclusion, Radharani, with tears in Her eyes, and with enthusiasm and excitement, chants and cries "Hey Shyamsundar Hey Shyamsundar."

She keeps on chanting. Such intense love. One should pray in the heart that "When will Radharani have mercy on me so that I can sing the names of Divine Couple at all times."

One should take shelter of Vrindavan physically or mentally, and not think about money, social status and all that so-called material nonsense. Only the sole focus should be chintan (mediation) of Divine Couple and providing bliss to Them.

Our every moment should be Radhamayi (full of Radha) by chanting the holy names on our tongue.

If we keep on thinking about our selfish interest, we will get in depression as the material world is false and will kick us right on the face, doesn't matter whoever we are. This has been discussed in Vedic Scriptures every now and then.

If one is meditating on Srimati Radharani with enthusiasm at all times, one will forget about their false body, material worldly relations, non-sense objects and will be absorbed in the topmost goal of life - the eternal tattva of Vrindavan prema rasa.

Hence take shelter of Vrindavan, take residence here, sing glories of Radharani and Krishna and keep thinking about their pleasure (by chanting holy names).

However, Sriji comes in your mind and heart, catch it and repeat that.

If you like food, think about food. This gulab jamum sweet when I offer to my Radharani with my own hands with love, She becomes so happy. One drop of the sweet liquid drops from Radharani's mouth, and I catch it and beautifully take that mahaprasadam

Rasika Acharyas say that if one does this mansi-seva just for a few days (as per their mood), all the inner tattva will sprout in their heart soon.

Prema Bhakti doesn't require hard work or labour but only a simple heart. Aindra Prabhu repeated it again and again - bhakti is simple for the simple, and complex for the complex! 

One should cry that when will Radharani give me vrajvas (residence in Vrindavan), the association of Premi Rasika Vaishnavas, opportunity to serve Her, sing Her glories and be absorbed in Her Lotus feet. They should cry internally with tears in their eyes that "When will I get that kripa (mercy)." 

There is no better benefit and profit than the attachment to the Lotus Feet of Divine Couple!!

Oh Kishori teri charanan ki dhul pau... Baithi rahu kunjan mein Shyam Radhika gaun..

(Oh Kishori, May I get the dust of Your Lotus Feet, Sitting in groves of Vraj Vrindavan, May I keep singing Shyam Radhika)

Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

P.S. I write for my own mediation by recalling the words of Rasika Acharyas and as inspired by Sri Vrindavan Dham. Check About Section.

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