Shri Hit Chaurasi Ji (Lyrics with Translation) – Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu

PADA 1: JOI JOI PYARO KARE SOI MOHI BHAVE (Whatever My beloved does, pleases Me!)

joi-joi pyāro kare soi mohi bhāve

bhāve mohi joi soi-soi kare pyāre

Swamini Ji says, "Whatever Krishna does is what pleases Me, and whatever pleases Me is what Krishna does."

moko to bhāvatī taur pyāre ke nainan mei

pyāro bhayo chāhe mere nainan ke tāre

The place that I cherish is in the eyes of My Krishna, and My Krishna seeks to become the apple of My eyes.

mere tann mann prān hu tei prītam priya

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apne kotik prān prītam moso hāre

My beloved is more precious to Me than My body, mind, and life-breath, and My beloved has given Himself up to Me ten million times.

(jay-shrī) hit harivansh hans hansinī sāval gaur

kaho kaun kare jal-tarangan nyāre

Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu says, "You both are like the male and female swan, one dark, other fair, and You both are so so so beautiful together. As it is impossible to separate the water and wave, it is impossible to separate You and Krishna!"

PADA 2: PYARE BOLI BHAMINI (Oh Sulky lady, the beloved has called for you!)

pyāre bolī bhāminī āju nīkī jāminī

bheint navīn megh sau dāminī

Oh Sulky lady, the beloved has called for You! (Just see) How beautiful is it tonight? The lightning and the fresh cloud have met [embraced] one another.

mohan rasik rāirī māi tāso ju

mān kare aisī kaun kāminī

Oh Sakhi, Mohan is the King amongst all lovers. Therefore, which passionate lady could show such anger towards Him?

(jay-shrī) hit harivansh shravan sunat pyārī

rādhikāraman sau milī gaj gāminī

Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu says, "Hearing all this, She who has the elegant walk of an elephant joined Her beloved, Radharaman.

PADA 3: PRAT SAMAY DOU RAS LAMPAT (At dawn, the Two are greedy for love!)

prāt samay dou ras lampat

surat-juddh jay-jut ati phūl

Early in the morning, the Divine Couple are [still] greedy for love, rejoicing greatly in the victorious battle of erotic delight.

shram-vārij ghan-bindu vadan par

bhūshan angahi ang vikūl

Heavy drops of perspiration adorn Their faces, and dishevelled are the adornments on Their various limbs.

kachu rahyo tilak sithil alakāvali

vadan kamal mānau ali bhūl

Of Their tilakas, only a little remains, and Their curly locks, like bees are deceived by their lotus faces.

(jay-shrī) hit harivansh madan-rang rangi rahe

nain-bain kati sithil dukūl

Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu [says], Their eyes and words are coloured in the colours of love, and Their clothes lie loose at their waists!

PADA 4: AJU TAU JUVATI TERO (Today your face is filled with happiness, Oh young girl)

āju tau juvati tero vadan ānand bharyo

piya ke sangam ke sūchat sukh-cheyn

Oh young maiden, today Your face is filled with bliss, announcing the joy of Your union with the beloved.

ālas-valit bol surang range kapol

vithakit arun unīnde dou neyn

Your speech is lazy, Your cheeks are reddish, and red are Your two tired sleepy eyes.

ruchir tilak-lesh kirat kusum-kesh

sirr sīmant bhūsit māno teyn

The charming tilaka that was adorning Your beautiful forehead is hardly there. Your enchanting braided hair has become loose and the flowers that were tied up within it have become scattered all over the floor! Your hair-parting upon which many pearls were perfectly set now appears as if it were never adorned at all.

karunākar udār rākhat kachu na sār

dasan-vasan lāgat jab deyn

Your normally reddish lips have lost their color, because as You let your Beloved drink of their ambrosia, You gave everything, due to Your nature of freely flowing compassion.

kāhe ko durat bhīru palate prītam chīr

bas kiye shyām sikhe sat meyn

(Hearing the colorful words of her sakhi, Sri Radha tries to hide Her lovely limbs, at which point Hit Sakhi says) Oh fearful one! Why are You trying to conceal Your divine limbs? Your Beloved has worn Your blue dress [nīlāmbara] and You are covered with His yellow dress [pītāmbara], so what can be hidden now? In reality, You have awakened hundreds upon hundreds of love-gods [kamadevas/sensuality personified] within Your Priyatam's heart and have Him under your full control.

galit urasi māl, sithil kinkinī jāl

(jay-shrī) hit harivansh latā-griha seyn

Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu says, "If You still want evidence of Your meeting with Your Beloved, then please see this. The flower garland You wear on your chest is broken and the fastenings of Your waist belt have become loose (from this we can perfectly conclude) and so You have performed the games of love with Your Priyatam in the house made of vines in Sri Vrindavan."

PADA 5: AJU PRABHAT LATA MANDIR MEIN (Today early in the morning at the temple in groves of Vrindavan)

āju prabhāt latā-mandir mein

sukh barsat ati harakhi yugal var

Today early in the morning at the temple in the groves of Vrindavan, there is a shower of joy as the splendid Divine Couple are drenched in pleasure.

gaur shyām abhirām rangbhare

lataki-lataki pag dharat avani par

That charming pair, one dark, and the other fair are filled with the color of love. Swaying together, They set Their feet upon the ground unsteadily [being intoxicated by love].

kuch-kumkum ranjit mālāvali

surat nāth shrī-shyām dhām dhar

The saffron powder from Her breasts stains the strands of the garland on the chest of the amorous lover, Shri Shyam.

priyā prem ke ank alankrit

chitrit chatur-shiromani nijkar

The beloved [Shri Radha] is adorned with love marks [Rati-Chinnha / Nail Marks etc], which the crown jewel among wise men gave with His own Lotus Hands.

dampati ati anurāg mudit kal

gān karat mann harat paraspar

The loving Divine Couple are full of the joy of love. They sing together beautifully, stealing the minds of one another.

(jay shrī) hit harivansh prasansh-parāyan

gāyan ali sur deyt madhuratar

Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu says, "The Sakhis, being fully intent on praising them, add sweetness to their singing by joining in."

PADA 6: KAUN CHATUR YUVATI PRIYA (Who is this clever young beloved woman?)

kaun chatur juvatī priyā

jāhi milat lāl chor ve reyn

Sakhis ask Krishna, “O Lal! [Darling Krishna], who is this clever young beloved woman of Yours, whom You meet in the night like a thief?”

durvat kyonba dure suni pyāre

rang mein gahile cheyn mein neyn 

Listen dear one, how can You keep this a secret? You cannot hide Your eyes, [that are] moist and maddened with contentment and love.

urr nakh-chandra virāne pat utpate se beyn

(jay shrī) hit harivansh rasik rādhāpati pramathit meyn

Moon-shaped nail marks adorn Your chest, these clothes are not Yours and your words are confused! Sri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu says, "Oh Radhapati [Radha's Lord, the lover] You are tormented by passion!”

PADA 7: AJU NIKUNJ MANJU MEIN KHELAT (Playing in the fresh new groves today)

āju nikunj manju mein khelat

naval kishor navīn kishorī

Today, the fresh youth and young damsel play in the fresh new forest bower [nikunja].

ati anupam anurāg paraspar

sunn abhūt bhūtal par jorī

Their love for one another is incomparable and hear this [Oh Sakhi], this couple is unique on Earth.

vidrum fatik vividh nirmit dhar

nav karpūr parāg na thorī

The land [where They sport] is made of various crystals and corals and the powder of fresh camphor and flower pollen is found in abundance.

komal kishalay sayan supesal

tāpar shyām nivesit gorī

There is a bed made of tender young leaves for sleeping on which the Dark One [Shyam] has made the Fair One [Radha] to sit.

mithun hās-parihās parāyan

pīk kapol kamal par jherī

The couple are fully intent on the merriment of Their love-making/union and the betel juice has stained Their lotus cheeks [as They kiss one another's faces].

gaur shyām bhuj kalaha manohar

nīvī-bandhan mochat dorī

There is a charming struggle of the fair and the dark hand over of the untying of Her waistband knot.

hari urr mukur viloki apanapau

vibhram vikal mān jut bhorī

Seeing Her own reflection in the mirror of Hari's chest, the innocent Lady was mistaken and upset which caused Her to become very angry [thinking it to be another woman sporting with Her lover].

chibuk suchāru praloi prabodhat

piya prativimb janāy nihorī

Caressing Her lovely chin and explaining that it was only Her own reflection, the beloved pleaded for Her to understand.

neti-neti bachanāmrit suni-suni

lalitādik dekhat duri chorī

Hearing, again and again, those nectar-filled words, 'No! No!' [being spoken by Sri Swamini Ji] Lalita and the other sakhis see in secret [from the windows of the kunja].

(jay shrī) hit harivansh karat kar-dhūnan

pranayakaup mālāvali torī

Sri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu says, "Snatching at Her lover's flower garland with Her hand, in the anger of love, she broke it!"

PADA 8: ATI HI ARUN TERE (Your lotus eyes are very red)

ati hī arun

terenain nalin rī

ālasjut itarāt rangmage

bhay nishi jāgar makhin malin rī

Your lotus eyes are very red my friend! They are lazy and filled with the color of love. Having been awake the whole night, Oh Your mascara is smeared!

shithal palak mein uthat golak gati

bindhyo mohan mrig sakat chalin rī

Within Your languid/fatigued eyes, Your pupils – dancing back and forth pierced the deer-like Mohan [who is now stunned] and made Him incapable of movement.

(jay shrī) hit harivansh hanskal gāmini

sambhram deyt bhramaran alin rī

Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu says, "With Your graceful Swan-like style of walking, You attempt to conceal the activities of the night with Your beloved. This creates doubt in the mind of the Sakhis, as if You hadn't attained union with Him at all! On one hand, Your eyes are causing confusion for the bees since the bees are questioning 'Are these eyes or are they really just lotus flowers?' and on the other hand, seeing the great ability to pierce [the heart of The Enchanter, Mohan Krsna], the Sakhis are confused as they go on thinking 'Are these eyes or are they arrows?"

PADA 9: BANI SRI RADHA MOHAN (Sri Radha and Mohan are adorned)

banī (shrī) rādhā mohan (ju) kī jorī

indranīlamani shyām manohar, sāt kumbh tann gorī

Sri Radha and Mohan, the couple are beautifully adorned; that deep blue sapphire, Shyam is enchanting and the Fair One has a body of splendid gold.

bhāl vishāl tilak hari kāmini chikur chandra bich rorī

gaj-nāyak prabhu chāl gayandini gati vrsbhānu kisorī

A tilaka decorates Hari's broad forehead and the lady has a painted red streak [rori] amidst Her shining hair. The Lord walks like a Regal Elephant and Vrsabhanu's daughter has the gait of a matching Elephant Queen.

nīl nichol juvati mohan pat pīt arun sirr khorī

[jay shrī] hit harivansh rasik rādhāpati surat rang mein borī

The Young Girl dons a blue dress, whilst Mohana, the Enchanter wears yellow and on His head a red turban. Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu says, "This couple, Rasika Radhapati are steeped in the dye of sensual love."

PADA 10: AJU NAGARI KISHOR (Today the Clever Lady and Youth)

āju nāgarī-kishor bhānvatī vichitra jor

kahā kaho ang-ang param mādhurī

Today the astonishing couple, that Clever Lady and the Youth are very pleasing to the heart. Just what can I say regarding the indescribable sweetness of their limbs?

karat keli kanth meli bāhudand gand-gand

paras saras rās-lās mandalī jurī

Placing Their arms around each other's necks, with their faces cheek against cheek absorbed in play, They join the elegant circle in the Rasa-Dance.

shyāmsundarī bihār bānsurī mridang tār

madhur ghosh nupurādi kinkinī churī

In the play of Shyam and the Beautiful one, the sweet sounds of flute, drum, and cymbals are heard, along with anklets, belts with tiny tinkling bells, and bangles.

(jay shrī) dekhat harivansh āli, nirtanī sudhang chāl

vāri pher deyt prān deha-so durī

Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu says, "The hidden [within a human form] Sakhi, sees the lovely movements of the sudhanga (pure, elegant) dance and sacrifices her body's breath."

PADA 11: MANJUL KAL KUNJ DESH (The kunja is pleasing and beautiful)

manjul kal kunj desh, rādhā hari vishad vesh

rākā nabh kumud-bandhu sharad jāminī

The kunja is pleasing and beautiful, Radha and Hari are dressed brilliantly, and the autumn moon shines full and bright in the night sky.

sānval duti kanak ang, viharat mili ek sangh

nīrad manau nīl madhya lasat dāminī

He of dark splendour, and She with a body of gold delight together in union, like a lightning strike flashing amongst clouds of blue sapphire jewels.

arun pīt nav dukūl, anupam anurāg mūl

saurabhyut shīt anil mand gāminī

The sources of that incomparable Divine Love [Sri Priya-Pritam] wear fresh red and yellow garments and a sweet-scented, cooling breeze blows gently.

kisalay dal rachit sheyn, bolat piya chātu beyn

mān sahit pratipad, pratikūl kāminī

Seated on a bed made of fresh tender leaves, the Lover speaks sweet words of flattery. In Her pride, the passionate lady is uncooperative and opposes Him at every moment.

mohan mann mathat mār, parsat kuch nīvī-hār

bepatyut neti-neti badat bhāminī

Mohan touches Her breasts, waistband-knot and necklace, His mind having been churned by Cupid. Trembling, the beautiful lady speaks out, "'No! No!"

narvāhan prabhu sukeli, bahuvidhi bhar bharat jheli

saurat ras rūp nadī jagat-pāvanī

Narvahan always wears this garland of Shyama-Shyam's playful lilas in his heart in many ways, [because] this river of amorous joy is able to purify the entire world.

PADA 12: CHALAHI RADHIKE SUJAAN (Come let's go Oh wise Radhika!)

chalahi rādhike sujān, tere hit sukh nidhān

rās rachyo shyām tat kalind nandinī

Come let's go Oh wise Radhika! Just for your happiness, Shyam has arranged a rāsa-lila on the banks of the Yamuna.

nirtat yuvatī samūha, rāg rang ati kutūha

bājat rasmūl muralikā anandinī

Groups of young girls are dancing with great eagerness to the music and festivities, and the blissful flute, the source of all rasa is being played there.

banshīvat nikat jahā, param ravan bhūmi tahā

sakal sukhad malay bahai vāyu mandinī

Near Vanshivat is that very beautiful land where a joy-giving breeze is blowing gently and carrying the scent of sandalwood.

jātī ishad vikās, kānan atisay suvās

rāka nishi sarad mās, vimal chandinī

Jasmines in half-bloom fill the forest with their strong fragrance and a brilliant bright moon shines on this full-moon night [purnima] of Autumn.

narvāhan prabhu nihār, lochan bhari ghosh nāri

nakh sikh saundarya, kām dukh nikandinī

Narvahan Sakhi says to Shyamsundara, “My Lord [Prabhu], feast your eyes on that beloved cowherd girl [whom I have persuaded for the rāsa-lila] for her head-to-toe beauty can remove your pangs / agony of love.”

bilasahu bhuj grīv meli, bhāminī sukh sindhu jheli

nav nikunj shyām keli, jagat-bandinī

(Again turning to Sri Radha) “O Bhāminī, Beautiful Lady! Place your arms around your Lover's neck and enjoy, experience this ocean of pleasure! Your loveplay with Shyam in the ever-fresh kunjas is worthy of the world's praise!”

PADA 13: NAND KE LAL HARYO MANN MOR (The son of Nanda has stolen my heart)

nand ke lāl haryo mann mor

Nanda's darling son has stolen my heart!

hau apney motin lar povat

kākar dāri gayo sakhī bhor

I was threading pearls on a string in the early morning, when He threw pebble stones amongst them and left, Oh My Sakhi.

bank vilokan chāl cchabīlī

rasik siromani nand kisor

Charming are His sidelong glances and enchanting are His steps, Nanda's youthful boy is the Crown-Jewel among lovers.

kahi kaisey mann rahat shravan suni

saras madhur muralī kī ghor

Tell me, how can the heart remain steady, when one hears the vibrations of His sweet melodious flute?

indu govind vadan ke kāran

chitvann ko bhaye nain chakor

For Govinda's moon-like face, My eyes have become a chakor (a bird fascinated with the moon) longing for a glimpse of Him!

(jay-shrī) hit harivansh rasik ras juvatī

tu le mil sakhī prān akor

Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu says, "Oh Young girl full of rasa! Offer Your very life and unite with Him my friend."

PADA 14: ADHAR ARUN TERE KAISE KAI DURAU (How shall I conceal the redness of your lips?)

adhar arun tere kaise kai durāu

ravi sasi sank bhajan kiyo apavas, adbhut rangan kusum banāu

How shall I conceal the redness of your lips? Try to control those traits of Sun and Moon, then I shall adorn you with kusum flowers of rare hues (*The Sun represents the scorching hot fire of separation. The Moon the cooling rays of union. Shyamsundar must control both when meeting Priyaji when disguised otherwise He will be found out).

subh kauseya kasib kaustubh-mani, pankaj-sutan lai angani lupāu

Tying your Kaustubh-Mani in a beautiful silken cloth, I shall conceal your body with lotuspollen.

harakhit indu tajat jaise jaladhar, so bhram dhūri kaha haum pāu

As the delighted moon leaves the clouds [your face will be bright having left the sorrow of separation]. At that time, by what illusion shall I cast to conceal you.

ambun dambh kachū nahī vyāpat, himakar tapai tāhi kaise kai bujhāu

By what trick shall I reduce the burning of the cool moon? Water for that cannot be obtained!

(jay shrī) hit harivansh rasik navrang piya, bhrikuti bhoh tere khanjan larāu

Sri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu says, "Oh Lover of Lovers – I shall arrange for the meeting of Your wagtail bird-like eyes with the beautiful brows of Sri Radha!"

PADA 15: APANI BAAT MOSAU KAHI RI BHAMINI (Oh tell me your secret, lovely lady)

apanī bāta mosau kahi rī bhāminī

aungī maungī rahata garaba kī mātī

Oh tell me your secret, lovely lady! You stay silent, drunk with pride.

hau tosau kahata hārī, suni rī rādhikā pyārī

nisi ko ranga kyo na kahati lajātī

I am weary of saying to you, "Listen dear Radhika, why are You shy and thus speak nothing of the night's pleasures?"

galita kusuma bainī, suni rī sāranga-nainī

cchutī lata acarā badati arasātī

Oh hear me, You with eyes like a doe [female deer]! The flowers are fallen from your braided hair, ringlets fall freely on the border of your shawl, and you speak drowsily.

adhara niranga ranga, racyau rī kapolan

juvati calata gajagati arujhātī

Your lips are colourless, your cheeks dyed red, and you walk, young girl, with an unsteady unrolling gait.

rahasi ramī chabīle, rasana vasana dhīle

sithila kasani kancukī ura rātī

The handsome one has enjoyed with you secretly, your belt / waistband and clothes are loose, and the red bodice on your breasts has a loosened fastening!

sakhī sau suni sravana, vacana mudita mana

calī harivansh bhavana musakātī

With her heart delighted with these words heard from her friend, Sri Harivansh [says] She [Radha] went into the kunja smiling.

(Note: Will be adding the Pada 16-84 shortly whenever Sriji inspires)

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