Sriji only sees the sambandh (relationship) and nothing else!

Rasika Acharyas proclaim that if a seeker just simply repeats and establishes within their heart that "Sriji is mine and I am Sriji's," then they don't have to do any such sadhana bhajan and all knowledge and all path to the main prayojana (goal) of Vraj Prema Bhakti will simply unfold before them on own in due course of time automatically.

In his childhood, Shri Prayagdas Ji Maharaj was made aware that his sister is Janaki Maiya (Sita Maiya). He went to Ayodhya and had the darshan of Sita Maiya and Shri Ram Ji. All the residents and saints of Ayodhya offered their love and affection unto Shri Prayagdas Ji Maharaj. Most of the time, he simply sat relaxed on the sofa leaning on a pillow. So, once somebody asked him, "Mama (Maternal Uncle), do you do some bhajan or just are always simply relaxed out?" As he is the brother of Janki Maiya, everybody addressed him as Mama.

To this query, Shri Prayagdas Ji Maharaj replied, "Why shall I do bhajan? He should do bhajan who doesn't have any sambandh (relationship) with Ram Ji and Janki Maiya. Do you know who I am? I am His Sala and He is my Jija Ji."

Hariram Vyas Ji (incarnation of Shri Vishaka Sakhi) says, "Kahu ke bal bhajan kau, Kahu ke achar, Vyas bharose kuwri ke, Sowat pav pasar (Somebody's strength is bhajan and somebody's strength is nice behavior, but Hariram Vyas Ji says that he has no strength at all and only by depending on his very own Swamini Srimati Radharani, he sleeps blissfully by stretching his legs with absolutely no worries and firm faith that Sriji will arrange all." That's all.

In course of sadhana bhajan, a seeker's heart is brimming with the thought that what shall I do, what shall I do for bhajan? Rasika Acharya's guide that a sincere seeker should not endeavor to do anything and rather just be of Sriji - "I am Sriji's. I am Krishna's. Sriji and Krishna are mine." Very simple and straightforward.

Even though it is simple to hear, but one may question that how to become of Sriji? What is the process? Then Rasikjana guide that for this query, there are Vedic scriptures, books, and all. Travel on this path, run and when you become tired and say that you are not fit to run any more longer, then become of Sriji automatically. When one becomes helpless and has no shelter, then it comes to the heart that "Oh Sriji. I belong to you. Please help."

If a seeker has a puff of any own strength or sadhanbal, then inspite of reading the above sentences, they won't be able to get the crux of it. When it sprouts from within that "I am a fallen Kali reject. I have no strength at all and am the most fallen number 1. Hey Gurudev, Shyama Shyama, please help!" Then the true form of bhajan begins. Then the seeker shouldn't worry as they have given themselves to Guru Maharaj and Divine Couple. Rest all process and marg (path), Radharani, Krishna, and Guru Tattva will arrange all.

P.S. It has been quite some time since Sri Vrindavan Dham inspired me to update any article on this site. This morning was just inspired impromptu to translate vani (words) of Rasika Acharyas for my own meditation of my Sri Vrindavan Dham, Divine Couple, and Guru Charan. Sri Vrindavan Dham, Rasika Vani, Divine Couple, and Guru Charan are All-Attractive!

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Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

Hare Krishna!

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