Where did Jagannath Ji appear for the first time?

Krishna as Jagannath is based in Puri and everybody knows about it. But very few know that Jagannath Ji actually appeared in Vrindavan for the first time! We will attempt to discuss this in a short paraphrased manner.

So, after Krishna had left Vrindavan (for the lila purpose. He never leaves Vrindavan in truth), Radharani was crying here day and night. She was mad in separation.

Krishna was in Kurushetra once and felt a deep separation and rushed to Vrindavan silently. Balarama Ji followed Krishna, and so did Subhadra Maharani, Their sister. 

When Krishna came to Vrindavan and saw the display of acute separation of Radharani, He couldn't control Himself and got so much in ecstatic separation Himself that His body size expanded, eyes became big and He wasn't able to control His free flow of prema (love). This form of Krishna is Lord Jagannath!!

When Balarama Ji came, He also couldn't control Himself by the display of prema (love) of Radharani and Krishna, and the same happened to Him. When Subhadra Maharani came, she also underwent the same state.

So, Jagannath Ji is Krishna in the mood of acute separation. Hence Chaitanya Mahaprabhu used to cry in the mood of Radharani in front of Jagannath Ji in Puri during His prakat lila. It's very tough to describe...


Jai Jai Shri Radhe!

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