Vraj Vrindavan | Digital Diary #8 | March 3-6′ 20 | Coronavirus, Vamsivat, Android App Launched

March 3: There have been reports of coronavirus cases rising quickly here in India. Frankly, all such pieces of stuff are non-sense (Don't misread this. Keep reading further). What is destined as per one's karma is bound to happen! Though, not telling that one should not be cautious if they are in their occupational duty.

They should keep themselves fit for efficiently performing their devotional service and focus on their bhajan. This material world is a crazy place (as repeated again and again in Vedic Scriptures)! You can read confidential articles on this site and you will encounter the inner reason why this material world is not fit for any gentlemen to be. 

One problem goes, then the other one will come. It's a tricky place and one must realise their eternal constitutional position to bypass this cycle of birth and death. The easiest way is to take to the chanting of Hare Krishna Maha-mantra

The day was full of work and other professional commitments.

March 4: Vraj Vrindavan has been receiving a lot of appreciation from all over the world. Frankly, I don't value any appreciation a tinge. It irritates rather. Whenever somebody sends a message or mail, I just have a pre-written template in my mind. "Joi joi pyaro karo soi more bhave... However, Sriji inspires us and makes us do this. Totally not related to us."

Praise and criticism come in pair and as taught to me by my guru tattva, I try to ignore both of it totally. All this is prapanch (non-sense) of the material world. The original truth is our Divine Cuple in groves of Vrindavan. That's the only point of meditation and all other things coming in way is just Lord's desire.. Joi joi pyaro karo soi more bhave...

Neither we have anything related to this material world, nor had anything related to this material world and nor will have anything related to this material world! Sriji was ours, is ours and would be ours... That is the reality which Rasika Acharyas repeat every now and then.

The objective via this site is just my own meditation on Vrindavan Dham as directed by my guru tattva AND not for anybody or anything else (as mentioned in About Section). This is the reason why I don't thank so many appreciation messages and rather write a cold reply (as mentioned above). For criticism (have got two of them), I straight away politely tell the other person not to visit the site ever again. (However, for warm suggestions, am always open and in fact, that's how the majority part of this project has shaped out by inputs of like-minded sincere seekers).

Demystifying the Mystical Vrindavan Book Ad on site

The book 'Demystifying The Mystical Vrindavan' is the essence and crux of this entire website.

If you are considering to dive into the final goal of our Vedic Scriptures and spiritual life, and if Radharani inspires you, do get a copy of the book .

I accept that I don't know anything, am a Kali Yuga reject, most fallen and because of this, I am most qualified for Mahaprabhu's mercy. My un-qualification is my qualification for this inner path of vraj-prema-bhakti as Mahaprabhu's movement is for most fallen and Kali Yuga rejects (patita-pavan).

I write the articles on this impromptu as inspired from within by Sri Vrindavan Dham by recalling vani (words and teachings) of Rasika Acharyas. I don't know a tinge about anything and I admit it very openly - either one takes it as pride, ego, humility or whatever.

All users and anybody I encounter in life is a manifestation of our Queen Radharani and I act as inspired by remembering Her from within.

Also, I would prefer that nobody lands on this site unless it is the desire of my Sriji. It's up to the readers and Radharani on how they plan to do whatever.

Coming back to the day, it was fully engaging with a lot of work. In the afternoon, had visited Bhandirvan and did my 16 rounds and Gayatri there.

March 5: Had gone to Vamshivat today. You can check the exciting pictures of Vamshivat here

March 6: It's Ekadashi and it has been raining throughout the day in Vrindavan. Completed a lot of pending work and other professional commitments. Also, the Vraj Vrindavan Android App is live. You can download it here if you haven't downloaded yet. On the Android App, you can get access to all content of Vraj Vrindavan at a single place, apart from reading the daily articles (published at 9 PM).

Let's see how Radharani wants it to shape out. The idea of Android App had come just a week ago. Google took some time to process the registration hence it's release got delayed. 

Jai Jai Shri Radhe

Hare Krishna!

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