What Krishna does is what pleases me (Sri Radha)❤ Joi Joi Pyaro Karo Soi More Bhave (Extremely Confidential)

Joi Joi Pyaro Karo

Soi More Bhave

Bhave More Joi Soi

Soi Karo Pyaro

English Translation: Whatever Krishna does is what pleases me, and whatever pleases me is what Krishna does.

This verse is extremely popular amongst the sincere seekers in Vrindavan. This is totally not an ordinary verse but is most most special and extremely confidential. Many seekers just meditate on this single verse for many days at a stretch. The inner profound meaning of this is something which will make one's heart cry in happiness, bliss and transcendental pleasure, which is indeed very tough to explain.

This is very very deep. We will remember words of the Rasika Acharyas and attempt to just touch this subject as they have explained, in-spite of our zero qualification.

This verse is from Shri Hit Caturashi Ji, which is a composition of 84 verses that talks about inner confidential passtimes of Sri Radhika Kishori and Shyamsundar in the inner groves (nav-nivritta-nikunj) of Vrindavan.

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It is written by Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu, who is the incarnation of vamshi (flute) of Krishna and descended on bhuloka (earth) in the 15th century. This is around the same time as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is Krishna in the mood of Radharani. Harivansh Mahaprabhu is the flute of Krishna. Both are non-different and are distributing prema-bhakti of the highest realm. It is a private discussion for Rasika Vaishnavas and is very confidential, and not everybody has adhikar (eligibility) to discuss the inner tattva of this subject at initial stages of their spiritual journey or unless are kripa-patra (object of mercy) of Rasika Vaishnavas.

One should chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra and have greed for vraja-prema-bhakti and that will manifest everything from within. If you are new to Krishna Consciousness, you can read How should beginner's approach spirituality to augment prema-bhajan.

Though, anybody can read this article and just keep on meditating on this beautiful passtime of Divine Couple. If a devotee keeps thinking about Radharani and Krishna sincerely, all direction will come to them on own with due course of sincere chanting of holy names of Lord.

Though, it's another matter of fact that not everybody can land on this particular page and read this article as the subject of discussion is very confidential and sprouts in heart only by kripa (mercy) of Rasika Vaishnavas. I am absolutely unqualified and just write for my own meditation as heard from vani (words) of Rasika Acharyas.

The Basic Meaning for seekers in initial stages

Joi Joi Pyaro Karo, Soi More Bhave...

So, whenever a sincere seeker surrenders completely to Lord, they hand their life to Krishna and now just act as an instrument. They don't have any desire of their own and are completely dependent on Lord's plan and instructions through a Premi Rasika Acharya or Guru Tattva.

Then Krishna shapes the journey of the surrendered seeker in such a way that the seeker gets closer to their eternal identity (vraj-swarup) after crossing stages of anartha nivritta, asakti, ruchi, bhav and prema (This subject has been beautifully described in book Madhuraya Kadambini by Srila Viswanath Cakravarti Thakur).

Hence, to the sincere seeker, whatever Krishna does is what pleases them. And whatever pleases them is what Krishna does. The fact is that after the devotee surrenders to Krishna in the real sense (by kripa or mercy of Rasika Acaryas), the desire of Krishna is their only will (as the seeker has no such own desire of his own after complete surrender).

The state of full surrender is very beautiful. Read this completely to dive into this part of purna sharanagati (full surrender).

Inner Confidential Meaning

The inner meaning of this confidential verse is extremely beautiful.

We will discuss the meaning of it from a very confidential perspective as discussed and heard from Rasika Vaishnavas.

Joi Joi Pyaro Karo Soi More Bhave 

Bhave More Joi Soi Soi Karo Pyaro

Krishna had gone to pick up flowers for Sriji. He wanted to decorate Sri Radha with a flower garland, around Her hairs, on Her wrists, around the neck, and also all around the groves (kunj). Radharani is waiting for Krishna to come back and is speaking Her heart to vamshi (flute) Shri Hit Sajani. She becomes very emotional, touched and describes the inner mood of Krishna and Herself.

She tells Shri Hit Sajani (vamshi) that whatever Krishna does is what pleases Her and whatever pleases Her is what Krishna does. Basically, whatever Krishna does is only and only for the pleasure of Sri Radhika. She loves all that Krishna does for Her, and same way Krishna also is captivated by Sri Radha and does exactly what is loved by Sri Radha.

Mokoto Bhavte Thor Pyarar Ke Nayanana Mein

Pyaro Bhaoo Chahe Mere Nayanana Ke Tare

Radharani continues speaking to Shri Hit Sajani (vamshi) and tells that in Krishna's eyes, She finds Her most pleasant place to stay, and in the same manner, Krishna always wants to be shining bright and take residence in Radharani's eyes.

Interestingly, Hare Krishna Mahamantra descends from the confidential groves of Vrindavan where Radharani and Krishna are gazing at each other..... I won't write more on it here as it's already covered in inner terms on this site - Please read the inner confidential meaning of Hare Krishna Mahamantra to understand that the entire purpose of life is to chant the tarak-brahma-mantra Hare Krishna Mahamantra and revive our original spiritual identity.

This is very very confidential and sincere seekers must read this meaning again and again, and keep on meditating on that particular passtime of Divine Couple mentioned there. 99% per cent won't and it is no way for them as of now as it requires a lot of guru-kripa to approach the subject. It is just for that 1 % who want to achieve topmost perfection which our Acharyas and Guru Shishya Parampara have given us for free in-spite of our no qualification of any sort.

Mere Tan Man Pran Hute Pritam Priya

Apne Kotik Pran Pritam Moso Hare

Radharani is finding it difficult to explain Her inner love and feelings. She, however, musters strength, and with tears in Her eyes speaks to Shri Hit Sajani (vamshi) that Krishna is beloved and most dear to Her, even more so than Her own mind, body and soul. She is crying profusely in deep love and says that Krishna has sacrificed so many millions and millions of His lives for Her, and He is Her all in all. He is Her beginning and end. 

Jai Shri Hit Harivansh, Hans Hansini Saval Gour

Kaho Kaun Kare Jal Tarangini Nyare

Shri Hit Sajani (who incarnated as Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu) tells Sriji that You both are like the male and female swan and both of you look so beautiful. One of you is dark, and other is fair and You both just are so so so beautiful together. As it is impossible to separate the water and wave, it is impossible to separate you and Krishna!!!❤ 

Radha Shri Radha!

Hare Krishna!

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