Three Modes of Material Nature (Triguna)

The modes of material nature are called as triguna. Krishna enlightens Arjuna about this in detail in Chapter 14 of Bhagavad Gita. The three modes acts on all of us and impels us to act differently in our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual behaviour.

  1. Satvik or Mode of Goodness: When one acts in peace, serenity, harmony and knowledge, then they are in influence of Satvik Mode. In this, there is freedom from sinful reactions.
  2. Rajshik or Mode of Passion: When one acts in desire for temporary things, striving for more, then they are being influenced by Mode of Passion. This binds one to the effects of karma.
  3. Tamshik or Mode of Ignorance: When one tends to becomes lazy, dissatisfied, lethargic, intoxicated, and acts in insanity, then they are in influence of Mode of Ignorance. This completely binds the soul in sinful reactions. 

As one dives further spiritually after being in platform of mode of goodness and starts to enquire about the inner confidential aspects of Krishna, then sprouts loving devotional service. Loving devotional life transcends all the three modes, and it is the state when one is connected to their true identity as an eternal servitor to Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna.

One should be in mode of goodness for coming to a platform for quick advancement in true devotional life. The mode of goodness is also binding and will bring the soul back in cycle of birth and death (though a better birth) if the seeker begins to enjoy it and doesn’t rises to the transcendental loving service stage. 

We should do more activities in the mode of goodness. This will help us approach the transcendental platform sooner.

This knowledge of three modes will help us follow the 4 regulative principles and ABCDE of loving devotional service in most enthusiastic and simple manner.

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