Shiksha Guru (Confidential)

Shiksha Guru is the manifestation of guru tattva whom you can meet in person, listen to lectures, communicate and take instructions. There can be many Shiksha gurus. The basic meaning of this is something everybody knows. We won't dive much into this subject but would rather see it from a perspective of who is the right Shiksha guru?

Sometimes Krishna as Shiksha Guru tests the intention of the seeker of whether the seeker wishes to thicken his prema-bhakti. He will come as "apparent philosophy and lifestyle" Shiksha Guru as per individual's karma to deviate him from true inner bhajan. The secret is that even this is for the advancement of the devotee in long-run.

The sincere seeker should search for Rasika Shiksha Gurus who know of core Siddhanta (philosophy) of Gaudiya Parampara (Madhurya Prema Bhakti in topmost vipralambha bhav).

It is important to have Rasika Shiksha gurus for real benefit, else the path to confidentialVrindavan-Prema-Rasa will be longer. Hare Krishna Mahamantra is so powerful that it will definitely guide the seeker, but due to the mixed Siddhanta (philosophy) of "not-fully-realised" Shiksha guru that the seeker is taking instructions from, it will take a longer time as Krishna will teach the seeker now through the maya-devi potency. It will take time to understand, get entangled in the apparent play of Lord, use mind, intelligence, fall in the process before realising the true guru tattva. This would be a long journey indeed, and may even take few births.

Hence finding Premi Rasika Vaishnavas as Shiksha Gurus is important. Though, they don't open their heart to anybody and everybody. They will mercifully tell you their heart and inner prema-bhajan ONLY when you go to them in a humble manner and are sincerely looking for confidential direction. 

Chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra is complete. But shudh or atleast nama-abhasa chanting is important if you want Krishna to provide you with Premi Rasika Shiksha Gurus.

Chant and cry the holy names. With due course of sincere chanting, Krishna will make you meet His Premi Shiksha guru tattva.

*This article is derived from the article titled Different Forms of Guru, Who is Guru & How to choose Guru.

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Hare Krishna

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